Hey all! My brother got a lapheight (Fujitsu Siemens AMILO Pi 2530) from his summer institute. We tried to plug a normal wired mouse right into it, yet we acquired an error "USB tool not recognized", and in manage panel it claims Unrecognized gadget. We spent last 2 days googling about internet, we did ALMOST every little thing but nothing assisted. From typical uninstalling USB root hubs to that "host on power switch for 30secs" thing. We tried 3 mooffers, key-boards, internet cams yet nopoint desires to be recognized, just digital cam and also USB sticks job-related.Now we are wondering if USB hub would help? or wireless mouse? or another design of mouse? we provided genius mouses btw. Those 3 are only alternatives we haven"t tried, and I hope some expert will define us what to carry out.I hope I"ll gain aid right here, considering that this is really really frustrating trouble.

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1) This is a long shot but is simple and worth a try. Unplug the lappeak from the wall. Rerelocate its battery. Let it sit overnight. Then reassemble and attempt aget in the morning 2) Yes, is worth trying a hub however recommfinish you try with a powered hub (one that has its own AC adapter) G;luck /* edit */I assume you"ve had the lappeak plugged in while you tried every little thing. This kind of trouble can periodically be a power related problem
But why powered hub? I read that for mosupplies, keyboards unpowered hub is sufficient. How would powered hub aid me, since it expenses a little bit more? I don"t desire to waste money if unpowered hub would certainly also help, or if lapheight will not read USB hub at all, it currently didn"t check out webcams, key-boards, mouses...We even tried while lapheight was unplugged, does not occupational either.

Is this Lappeak still under warrenty? If so why not speak to the vender. Exsimple whats going on . See if they are able to trouble shoot the problem for you.
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Cobalt006 said:
Is this Laptop still under warrenty? If so why not speak to the vender. Exsimple whats going on . See if they are able to trouble shoot the problem for you.
No, its not under warrenty. It"s a 2 year old lapheight. Now I simply wonder if and exactly how would certainly USB hubs aid... powered and also un powered?Anyone here knows somepoint around that?

As Lookin Around , shelp it worth a shot, He suggested a powered hub , Since sometimes these issue are power related.You can try either, But I would certainly go via unpowered. First. They are extremely cheap at amazon .com. All they basicly do is extfinish your usb ports. Just make certain you plug it into the port you recognize is functioning .
Well I"m worried if lappeak will certainly check out hub at all... it didn"t recognize devices, is it 100% certain lappeak will certainly check out hub? kinda don"t desire to danger money, I"m not exceptionally well via money at the minute.

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No I can not say it will certainly work for certain, Have you check in its Bios to make certain all usbs ports are on?
Well tbelow are 3 ports on lapoptimal. Two don"t job-related, if I plug mouse right into them, the LED of computer mouse will shine however Windows will not acknowledge anypoint at all, favor its not plugged however LED works. Only one USB port works fine, once I plug computer mouse into it the LED will certainly bconnect for a 2nd, then a message saying "USB gadget not recognized" pops out and also LED stops working too. Is this a power associated issue so I"ll require a powered hub?

Well you say also with the usb port that dose occupational it will certainly not known the mouse. Tright here is an excellent possibility it will certainly not recognize the hub either., Have you tried a complete reinstall of your os. It could be windows has actually some worries going on. Just a thought!
That port already well-known USB sticks, digital video camera and it also installed vehicle drivers for them. It didn"t desire to acknowledge internet cam, key-board and computer mouse, so port does job-related in some means.The laptop came via Windows Vista Home Premium, we noticed the difficulty and also freshly mounted Windows 7 Ultimate.
It might work-related however their is a opportunity it won"t to . These are points that you set up chauffeurs with that occupational right.Like the usb stick has actually its own drives and also the video camera. Has it very own. Their forth window dose not need to install drives. correct. This is why I shelp home windows may have actually some concerns going on. Windows seem not to desire to execute plug and play .Like mouse and also keyboard.
Go to your manage panel and click .Once it open up click on bureaucratic devices.Icon Once that opens up. Click on services. After that opens up .Scroll dvery own to Plug and Play. Make sure that solutions is began.
But how come both Windows can have the very same issue? I also tried manually installing vehicle drivers yet it does not work. edit: It claims that its allowed "Enables a computer system to recognize and adapt to hardware transforms through bit or no user input."
Like I sassist I deserve to not say the hub will job-related. These are simply a few suggestion . May be the usb port that works for you currently will certainly acknowledge the hub. It just tough to say. In otherwords I can not say for sure. It is like eexceptionally thing else you have tried. You have to attempt it and check out if it functions.

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I do not know wright here you live yet is it possible to buy a self-powered hub and also be able to return it if it does not help? USB gadgets (that do not have their own AC adapters) attract their power from the USB bus. If you added a bus powered hub, the hub need to attract its power from the USB port (and also better mitigate it for downstream USB devices) If you try a self powered hub (one with an AC adapter) and it does not have to depend on the USB port for power. But no means to predict if this might aid. It"s just an additional thing/principle to attempt. (The port might not identify the self powered hub either) So deserve to you buying somepoint returnable to try? Did you likewise attempt the trick I outlined in my previously write-up (unplugging and also removing battery, etc)?
Not sure if we deserve to really rerevolve it back. We buy what we require and we get it under warranty for 1 year, and I tried that technique with battery last night and it didn"t assist.