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I have actually just upgraded all workstations from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro. Ever given that many users have knowledgeable the computer system logging them out. Sometimes after 2 minutes while they are using it. Sometimes while the computer is locked for break. It logs them out and also closes their applications. This is very frustrating and I can"t find a solution. This is a domajor setting. I have set a GPO to opt out of the CEIP on both the computer and also user profiles. I have actually gone with BIOS updays, power settings, display screen savers Etc. This is really annoying. This is a speak to facility and a online phone mechanism. If the user is on a call and it logs them out, the contact is dropped. If they have actually a document open, they shed it. H E L P

Which of the following retains the indevelopment it's storing as soon as the system power is turned off?



michaelmancuso3 wrote:

Yes, Windows did activate. I did it as upgrade and also it instantly triggered.

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So you didn"t actually purchase Windows 10 licenses for each machine?

Well... people that have been upgrading without paying for their licensing have been obtaining away via it, so it"s more than likely not the cause below. I simply believed it was a possibility worth looking right into.

michaelmancuso3 wrote:

 the majority of customers have skilled the computer system logging them out. Sometimes after 2 minutes while they are utilizing it. Sometimes while the computer is locked for break. It logs them out and closes their applications.

Can you article the text from the Event Log entry? Rerelocate anything personal, of course.

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That"s it? All that reflects is that it"s winlogon, nopoint around why it was run or any errors. There"s nopoint more in the message? Or possibly something just before or after it?

michaelmancuso3 wrote:

Nopoint continuous via the logoff. I checked several logoff occasions. 

Ok, so wright here did you watch something around Customer Experience? That"s not in the message you posted.

From a little reading I"ve done on this, it sounds choose the concern can be that your previous Windows version had the Customer Experience and something got corrupted throughout the upgrade to 10.There"s some information in right here around rerelocating all the pieces of it, particularly in Task Scheduler:

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UPDATE...... I am not completely sure if this is the worry however it is looking that way. I am still testing. It seems to be happening just on PC"s that were upgraded from Windows 7. I took one and also did a Windows 10 complete reset and also so much it appears to be working. I noticed that on PC"s that had Windows 10 installed fresh, they did not have this difficulty.

That fits with my previous post. I had actually actually been assuming that was the case, as your OP said these were all 7 to 10 upqualities :)

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