Usb debugging keeps turning on

Eexceptionally time I rebegin my Android phone after permitting the USB debugging in Developer Options, the USB Debugging choice gets disabled.

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How do I keep it allowed even after restarting my Android phone.


This is an old problem however it seems that it still happens so I would certainly prefer to share the solution that I have actually found.

I have the same issue through my Honor 9 Lite:

Eextremely times I enable USB Debugging, I have the right to check out that, once I leave the developer menu and come back, USB debugging is OFF. I can not save it ON.

I have uncovered the solution on one more web site and it is working for me:

Disaffix the phone Revoke all the USB debugging permissions (on my phone, this choice is proposed just after the USB Debugging switch)Enable USB Debugging Leave the developer menuConnect the phone to the PC Select "deliver files" alternative Accept the COMPUTER certificate fingerprint.

I have actually uncovered a solution on XDA developpers forum for my Honor 7X, Android 8.0.0, EMUI 8.0.0, build BND-L21

Enable the "permit debugging in charge just mode" and also it should fix the problem

Keep in mind that it can already be permitted. You have the right to try to disable and also re-permit it to fix the difficulty.

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My tool is Honor 9lite and also I challenged this concern after at some time of using debug mode.

You simply have to follow these steps:

after connecting android device and pc/laptop by means of usb cable, simply allow "move files" option.then permit debugging option in developer choice menu.a message will be triggered like a certification and also just permit that for your device as constantly.

Tright here you go! It worked for me.



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