Upgrade windows 7 professional to enterprise

Our hardware vendor has marketed us a lappeak that comes via Windows 7 Pro OEM. Since we want Windows 7 Enterprise (for functions favor DirectAccess and BitLocker), the vendor has provided us through a Software Assurance only license to upgrade OEM Success 7 Pro to Victory 7 Ent.

Do I must install Windows 7 Enterpincrease Volume License media and also re-install Windows, or is tright here a process to turn this existing Windows 7 Pro install right into an "Enterprise" ?



You will certainly have to do a fresh install (or probably an upgrade if you wish).

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Enterpincrease is not an edition that is frequently available in shops to the basic public and also is not extended by anytime upgrade (where you deserve to upgrade editions easily).


Upgrading home windows 7 between Editions (e.g. "Business" to "Enterprise")

Open up the Registry Editor (Start > Run > regedit) Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindows NTCurrent Version as checked out in the screenswarm below2.Replace the word “Business” with “Enterprise” in ProductName and EditionID. You’re done editing and enhancing the installed copy of Windows 7.Start the Windows 7 Enterpclimb installer from disc within Windows and also reinstall windows doing a in-place upgrade.

Tright here are miscellaneous "Chart"s which show what"s possible. Microsoft"s Chart maybe the best

If in doubt I would phone Microsoft Support.

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One other thought tright here is a Windows Anytime Upgrade, but that would certainly like involve added cost.


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