Updates were not configured correctly.reverting changes

My friends desktop computer is in a loop and continues to shut dvery own and also come earlier through updays not configured reverting transforms. It goes no even more. She shelp home windows updays popped up as she was shutting dvery own and she left it go and returned from shopping 6hrs later on and also this is what she found on the display. It pops up in safe mode likewise. The COMPUTER goes no even more than that various other than shutting down and also returning favor its in a loop. Need some assist Please
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From System Recoincredibly try Repair then System Rekeep.

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Start your computer system in safe mode

Safe mode starts Windows through a restricted collection of files andmotorists. Startup programs execute not run in safe mode, and also just the basic motorists necessary to start Windows are mounted.

Safe mode is valuable for troubleshooting problems through programs and also motorists that can not begin properly, or that can prevent Windows from starting correctly. If a difficulty does not reshow up as soon as you begin in safe mode, you can remove the default settings and also standard device vehicle drivers as possible causes. If a freshly set up regimen, gadget, or driver stays clear of Windows from running appropriately, you have the right to start your computer system in safe mode and then remove the regimen that is leading to the difficulty.

Remove all floppy disks, CDs, and also DVDs from your computer, and then restart your computer system.

Click the Start switch, click the arrow next to the Lock button, and then click Restart.

Do among the following:If your computer system has a solitary operating mechanism mounted, consistently press the F8 key as your computer system restarts. You need to press F8 before the Windows logo shows up. If the Windows logo design shows up, you will must attempt aget. If your computer has actually even more than one operating device, usage the arrow secrets to highlight the operating device you desire to begin in safe mode, and also then press F8.On the Advanced Boot Options display screen, usage the arrowhead tricks to highlight the safe mode alternative you desire, and also then push ENTER. For even more information around choices, seeCutting edge startup options (consisting of safe mode). Log on to your computer via auser account that has administrator civil liberties.

When your computer is in safe mode, you"ll check out the words Safe Setting in the corners of the display. To departure safe mode, rebegin your computer system and let Windows begin normally.

Advanced startup options (consisting of safe mode)

The Modern Boot Options menu allows you start Windows in progressed troubleshooting settings. You have the right to accessibility the menu by turning on your computer and also pushing the F8 essential before Windows starts.

Some options, such as safe mode, start Windows in a restricted state, wright here only the bare essentials are started. If a problem does not reappear as soon as you start in safe mode, you deserve to eliminate the default settings and standard devicemotorists as possible causes. Other alternatives begin Windows through advanced features intended for use by device administrators and IT professionals. For more information, go to theclassiccomputers.info website for IT experts.

Repair your computer

Shows a list of device recoextremely tools you have the right to use to repair startup troubles, run diagnostics, or gain back your mechanism. This choice is accessible only if the tools are set up on your computer"s tough disk. If you have a Windows installation disc, the device recovery devices are located on the installation disc. For even more information, seeStartup Repair: frequently asked questions.

Safe mode

Starts Windows via a minimal set ofchauffeurs and services. For more information, watch What is safe mode?

Safe mode through networking

Starts Windows in safe mode and also has the netjob-related vehicle drivers and also solutions necessary to access the Web or other computers on your netoccupational.

Safe mode via command also prompt

Starts Windows in safe mode through acommand prompt home window rather of the usual Windows interchallenge. This alternative is intended for IT professionals and administrators.

Enable boot logging

Creates a file, ntbtlog.txt, that lists all thevehicle drivers that are installed in the time of startup and that might be advantageous for advanced troubleshooting.

Enable low resolution video (640 × 480)

Starts Windows making use of your present video driver and also utilizing lowresolution and also refresh rate settings. You have the right to use this mode to recollection your display screen settings. For even more indevelopment, seeChange display screen resolution and Correct monitor flicker (refresh rate).

Last Knvery own Good Configuration (advanced)

Starts Windows through the lastregistry and also driver configuration that worked successfully. For more indevelopment, seeUsing Last Known Good Configuration.

Directory services gain back mode

Starts Windowsdomajor controller running Active Directory so that the magazine service deserve to be recovered. This option is intended for IT specialists and administrators.

Debugging mode

Starts Windows in an advanced troubleshooting mode intended for IT professionals and also system administrators.

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Disable automatic rebegin on system failure

Proccasions Windows from immediately refounding if an error reasons Windows to fail. Choose this option just if Windows is stuck in a loop wright here Windows fails, attempts to rebegin, and stops working again consistently.

Disable Driver Signature Enforcement

Allows motorists containing imappropriate signatures to be mounted.

Start Windows normally

Starts Windows in its normal mode.

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What are the device recovery options in WindowsVista?

The System Recoincredibly Options food selection in this version of Windows contains several devices that can assist you recuperate Windows from a major error. You can perform repairs to the documents that Windows uses to start itself, perdevelop a regain operation utilizing System Rekeep, and regain your whole computer and also system documents making use of backups that you have made previously.

The System Recovery Options menu is on the Windows installation disc. (The food selection can also be mounted on yourhard disk if your computer system has preset up recoextremely options.)


If your computer system does not encompass the System Recovery Options food selection, your computer manufacturer can have provided other recovery alternatives. Check the information that came through your computer system or go to the manufacturer"s website for even more information.

Startup Repair

Fixes specific problems, such as lacking or damaged system records, that might prevent Windows from founding appropriately. When you run Startup Repair, it scans your computer for the trouble and also then tries to resolve it so your computer deserve to begin correctly. For even more indevelopment, seeStartup Repair: frequently asked inquiries.

System Restore

This option helps you gain back your computer"s system files to an previously allude in time. It"s a way to undo device transforms to your computer without affecting your individual files, such as e‑mail, files, or photos. If you usage System Resave as soon as the computer system is insafe mode, you cannot uncarry out the gain back operation. However before, you have the right to run System Rekeep aacquire and also select a various regain suggest if one exists. For more indevelopment, seeSystem Restore: generally asked inquiries.

Windows Complete PC Restore

Restores the contents of your tough disk from a backup. For more indevelopment, search Assistance and Support for "finish COMPUTER restore." Windows Complete PC Back-up and Restore is not included through WindowsVista Starter, WindowsVista Home Basic, or WindowsVista Home Premium.

Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool

Scans your computer"s memory for errors. For even more indevelopment, seeHow do I understand if my computer system has actually a memory problem?

Command also Prompt

Command Prompt relocations the Recovery Consingle from previously versions of Windows. State-of-the-art customers can usage Command also Prompt to perdevelop recovery-connected operations and also run various other command line devices for diagnosing and troubleshooting troubles. For more information around command also line tools and also regulates, seeCommand-line reference for IT Pros

To access the System Recoincredibly Options menu

If you have actually a Windows installation disc:

Insert the installation disc.Rebegin your computer system.

Click the Start button, click the arrow next to the Lock button, and then click Rebegin.

If prompted, press any type of essential to start Windows from the installation disc. If your computer is not configured to begin from a CD or DVD, inspect the information that came via your computer. Choose your language settings, and also then click Next.Click Repair your computer.Select the operating mechanism you want to repair, and then click Next off.On the System Recoexceptionally Options menu, click a tool to open up it.

If your computer system has actually premounted recoexceptionally options:

Remove all floppy disks, CDs, and DVDs from your computer system, and also then rebegin your computer system.

Click the Start button, click the arrow beside the Lock button, and also then click Rebegin.

Do among the following:If your computer has actually a solitary operating mechanism mounted, press and also host the F8 crucial as your computer system restarts. You need to push F8 before the Windows logo design appears. If the Windows logo shows up, you will certainly need to attempt aget by waiting till the Windows logon prompt shows up, and also then shutting dvery own and also rebeginning your computer.If your computer system has actually even more than one operating device, usage the arrowhead keys to highlight the operating system you desire to repair, and then press and organize F8.On the Advanced Boot Options screen, usage the arrowhead tricks to highlight Repair your computer system, and also then push ENTER.Select a key-board layout, and then click Next.Select a user name and also enter the password, and also then click OK.On the System Recovery Options food selection, click a tool to open up it.

To reinstall Windows

If you desire to reinstall Windows with a clean installation—probably to reclaim the default Windows settings—here"s how to execute it. (If you"re having actually a problem via Windows, initially watch What to carry out if Windows will not begin effectively, which defines exactly how to use the Windows installation disc to resolve troubles without totally reinstalling Windows.)


Back up your records prior to you begin reinstalling Windows, even if you"re reinstalling Windows on a difficult disk partition. A clean installation replaces the existing version of Windows and additionally erases all individual files.Turn on your computer, insert the WindowsVista DVD or CD, and also then rebegin your computer. If you are asked to push a vital to begin (or "boot") from DVD or CD, push any kind of vital. When the Install Windows web page shows up, go to action 2.

If the Install Windows web page does not appear and also you"re not asked to push a vital to start from a CD or DVD, you could have to specify that your computer usage its DVD or CD drive as the startup tool. This indicates that you must set the DVD or CD drive to the first startup gadget in the fundamental input/output system (BIOS). To learn exactly how to execute this, seeStart Windows from a CD or DVD. After you have schosen your DVD or CD drive as the startup gadget, rebegin your computer system, and then begin Windows from the installation DVD or CD as previously described.

On the Install Windows page, follow any instructions that might appear, and then click Install currently.On the Get important updates for installation page, we recommfinish gaining the latest updates to assist encertain a effective installation and also assist defend your computer system versus defense risks. You will certainly need an Net link to get installation updays.On the Type your product vital for activation web page, we strongly recommfinish that you type your 25-character product crucial to assist avoid problems throughout activation.On the Please check out the license terms web page, if you accept the license terms, click I accept the license terms.Follow the instructions on each page. On the Which kind of installation execute you want? web page, click Custom.On the Where execute you want to install Windows? page, click Drive options (advanced). Select the partition wright here you desire to install Windows, and then click Style. This erases all papers on the schosen partition, so you deserve to install Windows on a clean partition.When the format is finish, select the partition you just formatted as the location wbelow you desire to install Windows, and then click Next off to begin the installation. You could check out a compatibility report. Follow the instructions.

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Be sure to allow existing, or install new, antivirus software application after the installation is complete.

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