Update package not available.

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Can I double-inspect which site it is you are having this problem via, and also deserve to I get credentials to access the site admin?

I"ve noted your next reply as personal.

Hi Stuart

I took a copy of your website to check out if the difficulty emerged only on your server or as soon as installed on mine, as well, and I acquired the very same error.

I"ve passed it on to my colleagues so that they can try and gain to the bottom of this, and I"ll update you.

I have this worry, also.

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[UPDATE] When I deactivate and delete the plugin, and upload a recently downloaded version from my account, the installation stops working. The just method I have found as a workapproximately is to downpack from the WP plugin repository, and also then update that version. I wonder if the users having actually the trouble are customers that have the deprecated life time license, as I am. I"ve listed similar worries in the forums where the most prevalent variable is the reality that the individuals are life time customers. Wonder if there"s a hiccup in the licensing tright here, given that life time licenses are no longer available?

Anyone experiencing this worry, the most likely cause is that you additionally have actually WPML installed and an older variation of Types, and also the installer code from WPML is erroneously being supplied. This is fixed in even more current versions of Types, but you must acquire the present variation of Types installed on your site.

To execute that you will certainly require to- downpack the zip file from toolcollection.com/account/downloads- from your plugins page delete Types (it will certainly delete the plugin only, not its data)- on the Add new plugins page uppack the zip file to install the latest variation of Types