Unplugging usb turns off computer

Hello,Somepoint stselection has started happening on my computer system, which never happened prior to.Everytime that I unplug a USB device(scanner, printer, CD-RW) from my computer system, it simply transforms right off. Even if I just jiggle the plug it turns off.Anyone understand why this could be happening? Is somepoint faulty through the USB ports on my mobo? Or can it be something in Win2K. (I checked gadget manager, and everything was fine tbelow though)Well, any type of suggestions would be greatly appreciated, bereason I"m completely lost right here. View image: /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gifThanks.-Andrew

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You should have actually a short in the plug. Just specifically which plug are you refering to? On the computer? Do you have only one? If you have actually one that still functions you can have to acquire a hub and also only usage it. Or get a PCI USB card and also not usage the ports on the computer system. Or obtain a brand-new mobo if it"s on the mobo. Not certain if you could gain anybody to try and also settle it. If it"s a panel connector acquire a new one. If it"s constantly with the same cable then just acquire a brand-new cable.

Ya, the plug I was reffering to was removing the USB plug from the computer.Well, I"ll try messing roughly via it a bit more and see if I can narrow it dvery own some even more. I have actually a spare USB cable plug laying roughly, so I can test that out.Thanks for the suggestions.-Andrew

Uh oh. I just realized that there could be a really big fregulation in my plan to construct a USB-based power supply. I"d much better put it on host until I deserve to occupational out a solution.

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Well, nevermind. I"m an idiot.The power cord was slightly loose, and everytime I visited unplug the USB cable it was hitting the power cable.So, now that the power cable is plugged back in, every little thing is all working aacquire.Thanks for the suggestions anymethods.-Andrew


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