Uninstall game controller windows 10

Ages earlier I plugged a fake PS3 controller which set up a Plug-And-Play driver labeled as "PLAYSTATION(R)3Conteroller", yup, consisting of the typo.

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Now whenever before I connect an original controller this fake driver takes it"s location, making it impossible to job-related correctly.

If I uninstall this driver in the "Device Manager" there"s no "Delete" alternative and also it will come back to life when I reattach the controller. If I uninstall and also manually delete the driver files (hidclass.sys, hidparse.sys and also hidusb.sys) they will still rerevolve as soon as the controller is connected aobtain.

In the Device Manager it mirrors up as "HID-compliant game controller".

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Thank you

OS: Windows 8.1 Pro x64





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With Device Remover I had the ability to eliminate the fake driver completely, after that I mounted the correct driver.

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answered Sep 21 "15 at 22:17

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