Unable to use d3d9 dota 2

So I started acquiring this trouble yesterday, I couldn't settle it so I rebooted my PC and that seemingly addressed the trouble. Played a game after the reboot, all was fine.

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I left my computer on given that then and also had the ability to play the game and also boot Dota multiple times this day however as of around 10 minutes back I'm gaining the exact same error aget and also dota will certainly not boot.

I've tried establishing launch choices so that it boots in windowed mode or as my aboriginal resolution but it's not operated. I've tried deleting the config. file and also establishing the -autoconfig launch command also however that still hasn't operated.

I've additionally confirmed integrity of cache.

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Any suggestions? I don't want to need to reboot my COMPUTER eexceptionally time I desire to play Dota.

EDIT: It was an Nvidia driver issue. Thanks all :)

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2 years ago
I have the exact same trouble and I find out out it's your newest nvidia graphic card driver version upday save fucking you up. I'm making use of a 1060 btw, hope that would aid.

The 397.31 version driverhas the rollearlier problem because last week, after using for 20ish hours it will roll earlier to its older variation.

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I tried to call nvidia customer organization and provide feedearlier, however till currently I acquire no response so I don't have a high hope for gaining an ultimate solution. Maybe wait for more recent driver patches to solve the difficulty, dunno.

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Initial Poster2 years ago

That would make sense! Updated my GPU motorists yesterday. I figured it could be this. Should I simply roll back to an previously driver ya think? or a fresh install?

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