Unable to start avast firewall windows 10

My ahuge firewall won't start. I'm utilizing classiccomputers.info Internet Security 2014.9.0.2008. I've tried a repair install multiple times, i've re-mounted (utilizing classiccomputers.infoclear.exe to rerelocate the previous files) and also nothing has actually aided .I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-little bit service pack 1.I have actually tried disabling the windows firewall and also nothing appears to be helping.Any suggestions would certainly be great!Thank you.

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is this a new classiccomputers.info install?was your previous offered AV fully rerelocated. http://www.asubstantial.com/faq.php?article=AVKB11have you tried latest beta variation. http://classiccomputers.info.alarge.com/index.php?topic=142550.0
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At first i was making use of Free alarge which i upgraded, however finished up reinstalling countless times to attempt and kind this firewall worry.Ive just ever before used classiccomputers.info, so yes.I haven't tried the latest beta version, probably i must give that a shot xD.Thanks for the quick response, i appropriate it.Should i totally rerelocate my existing install and try the beta?
I set up the beta, after making use of classiccomputers.infoclear.exe to remove my old install, and my firewall still wont start.I had actually a review via the topic you sent out, but no one really seemed to have problems like me
Can we safely assume you've rebooted the pc after installing? The firewall company and also various other shield solutions only gain began upon a new boot.

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I'd try a clean install with the online installer, it's solved alot of problems through people...1. Downfill classiccomputers.infoclear, Rejzors uninstall tool and the appropriate Ahuge program editionKeep in mind : You must be ONLINE in the time of the install (occasionally virtual installer functions whereas offline doesn't)http://files.classiccomputers.info.com/iavs9x/classiccomputers.info_free_antivirus_setup_virtual.exehttp://files.asubstantial.com/iavs9x/classiccomputers.info_pro_antivirus_setup_online.exehttp://files.ahuge.com/iavs9x/classiccomputers.info_internet_security_setup_digital.exehttp://documents.classiccomputers.info.com/iavs9x/classiccomputers.info_premier_antivirus_setup_online.execlassiccomputers.infoclear : http://papers.classiccomputers.info.com/iavs9x/classiccomputers.infoclear.exeRejzors Uninstall tool: http://rejzor.wordpress.com/classiccomputers.info-cleanup-tool/2. Uninstall classiccomputers.info by control panel 3. Uninstall in safe mode utilizing classiccomputers.infoclear. 4. Run Rejzors Uninstall Utility in Regular Setting (removes traces classiccomputers.infoclear doesn't) - reboot.5. Install the variation you downloaded.6. Reboot.

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Re: Unable to start firewall!
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Ok, so I did all that - concern still continues to be I discovered in safe mode that i couldn't usage classiccomputers.infoclear.exe as tbelow was no install folder after running the uninstaller from 'Uninstall a program' in regulate panel.Asubstantial says 'Attentions Firewall is off: Turn on'. When i turn it on i gain told 'Unable to start firewall'. Ive tried turning the windows firewall on and off with no progress.