Unable to reset a required drive partition is missing


When your computer system becomes unbootable, you deserve to refresh or reset the computer to deal with it. However, you may get Unable to reset your PC. A compelled drive partition is missing message once reestablishing the COMPUTER. Focus on this issue, we will present you just how to eliminate it by utilizing various methods in this write-up.

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Unable to Recollection Your COMPUTER. A Required Drive Partition Is Missing

When you boot the computer system which is running Windows 10, Window 8.1, or Windows 8, you may get an error message saying Your PC requirements to be repaired. To deal with this computer system worry, you have the right to go to refresh or recollection your PC:

1. In Windows 8.1 or Windows 8, the Refresh your PC and Reset your PC alternatives are separated. You can first choose Refresh your PC to deal with your computer system issue because this option have the right to regain your computer system to a normal working state, keeping your personal information intact.

However, you might enrespond to The drive wright here Windows is mounted is locked issue. Unlock the drive and try again error message by using Refresh your PC choice. Then, you have the right to go to use the Reset your PC alternative.


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2. In Windows 10, tbelow is just Recollection your PC option for you to usage. But, you have the right to choose to save your documents or rerelocate whatever throughout the operation process.

Usually, after the above actions, your computer have the right to boot efficiently. While, it is a tiny probcapability occasion that a forced drive partition is missing issue happens.

When facing this concern, you have the right to watch the error as follows:

Recollection your PC

Unable to recollection your PC. A compelled drive partition is missing.


The factor for this worry is usually a corrupt mbr or BCD file. Tbelow are a couple of points you can carry out to settle this problem and we will display you them in the following part.

How to Fix Unable to Reset COMPUTER Drive Partition Missing Issue

Note: The following remedies are based upon Windows 10.

Solution 1: Use CHKDSK to Check the System Partition

Step 1: In WinRE display screen, you should go to Troubleshoot > Modern options > Command Prompt.


Tip 2: In the cmd interchallenge, you have to type CHKDSK c: /f /r and also then push the Enter essential. Here, c stands for the drive letter of the System Partition.


After these 2 procedures, please reboot your computer system to inspect whether it can start commonly again.

If CHKDSK deleted your files…

However before, there is one point you must know: CHKDSK does its work-related by transforming a disk"s file alplace. Thus, some of the contents may mysteriously disappear from the original location after CHKDSK.

If unfortunately, you uncover that some vital documents are missing after refounding the computer, what need to you perform to restore them?

Actually, you have the right to try this expert data recoincredibly software, MiniDevice Power Data Recoincredibly, to acquire your absent information ago.

This software program has actually 4 effective recoexceptionally modules: This PC, Removable Disk Drive, Hard Disk drive, and also CD/DVD Drive. To recoup information from your computer difficult drive, you deserve to usage This PC recovery module.

Firstly, you have the right to use the Trial Edition of this software program to sdeserve to your computer tough drive to check whether it can uncover the documents you want to recover. If yes, you can feel cost-free to usage a full edition of this regimen to save your required files to a suitable route.

Now, you can push the following switch to downfill and install the Trial Edition on your computer system to have a shot.

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How to Recover Files Deleted by CHKDSK via classiccomputers.info

Tip 1: Open the software and also you will enter This PC interchallenge by default. Just continue to be on this interchallenge given that it is the recovery module you are going to use.


If you only desire to recoup some specific types of documents, you can use the Settings function of this software application to make some selections. After that, click on the Scan switch to begin the scanning procedure.


Step 2: This software program will certainly take a while to finish the scanning process. When it ends, you will enter the shave the right to result interchallenge as complies with.


Then, it’s time for you to view the scanned records to verify whether they are the items you want to recover. In theory, as lengthy as the lacking papers are not overcomposed by brand-new information, this software application deserve to discover them.

Typically, the scanned documents are noted tright here by course. You can open up each course to inspect the scanned documents.

On the other hand also, you deserve to likewise click the Type feature to make the software display you the scanned documents by form, and you deserve to uncover your wanted documents easily if tright here are so many kind of scanned papers.

Furthermore, you have the right to also depend on the Sexactly how Lost Files, Find, and also Filter attributes to uncover your papers easily.

Step 3: Due to the fact that you are utilizing the Trial Edition of this software, you can’t save your essential files at last, and also you will certainly receive the following popup home window after pressing the Save button.


However before, you deserve to click on the Upgrade Now button on the above pop-out interface or get a license vital from the MiniDevice official site to acquire the essential and then register it to a complete edition to recuperate the essential items properly. If you are a personal user, the Personal Deluxe Edition have the right to totally satisfy your requirements.

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After receiving the license essential, you have the right to click the Register button on the shave the right to result interface to register it straight. Then, you can inspect the documents you desire to recover and click on the Save button to save the selected files to a perfect location.

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Systems 2: Use System File Checker

If a device file required for computer system booting up has actually end up being damaged or corrupted, running System Data Checker may aid you.

After entering cmd, you deserve to follow this Microsoft official post to use System Data Checker to deal with a forced drive partition is absent issue: Use the System Data Checker tool to repair absent or corrupted system records.

Systems 3: Mark System Partition as Active

When a wrong partition is collection as active, your computer may be unbootable. And this deserve to likewise bring about a forced drive partition is missing concern. So, you deserve to attempt to change the energetic partition by using cmd.

Note: An Active partition, one partition that the BIOS detects, is provided to begin your computer system. Changing active partition wrongly might lead to your computer unbootable. So carry out not mark a partition as active by mistake if it does not contain the BOOTMGR for your operating device.

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To carry out this work, you still have to enter cmd. The actions are mentioned in solution 1 and we will not repeat them right here.

After entering cmd interface, please enter the following commands:


list disk

Now, it’s time for you to pick that tarobtain disk which typically is Disk 0. Please enter this command:

pick disk 0

Then, it’s time to list the partitions on the selected disk. Please type:

list partition

Suppose that the tarobtain partition number is 0, and also then the command becomes the following:

choose partition 0

The next step is to note partition 0 as energetic. So, you should form the adhering to command also and also hit the Enter button:


Now the mechanism partition is set as energetic, and also you can attempt to reboot the computer system to view whether a forced drive partition is absent issue is disappeared.

Anvarious other choice for you to note partition as active:

Using cmd is not the only means to mark partition as active. Indeed, you can also usage a third-party partition tool to execute this job. Here, we imply using this partition manager - classiccomputers.info Partition Wizard.

This classiccomputers.info regimen is a experienced partition tool which enables you to migrate OS to SSD/HD as soon as you need to rearea tough disks on the computer, extend partition if there is low disk space warning, redevelop MBR when the MBR is damaged, set partition as active if needed, and so forth.

To mark the system partition as energetic, you should usage Set Active feature of this software application. Because drive partition missing Windows 10 happens and you can’t open your computer system properly, you have to usage classiccomputers.info Partition Wizard Bootable Edition to perform the work.

Here, you need to use the MiniDevice Boot Media Builder which can be obtained from the Professional or over editions of this software program to build a bootable CD/DVD disc or flash drive, and also then set the computer system to boot from the bootable media.

If you just need to use this partition magic for personal usage, the Professional Edition of this software program can completely accomplish your requirements.

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As to the steps of noting mechanism partition as active, you deserve to describe this classiccomputers.info previous short article to carry out that job: Should System Partition Be Active Partition for Common Boot?

Systems 4: Reconstruct MBR

The drive partition lacking Windows 10 issue deserve to additionally be led to by the corrupted MBR. Therefore, you have the right to try to reconstruct MBR to get rid of this worry.

To reconstruct MBR, you deserve to still usage MiniDevice Partition Wizard and its Redevelop MBR function. To execute this job, you likewise need to usage MiniDevice Partition Wizard Bootable Edition.

This attribute is incredibly straightforward to use. You have the right to check out this MiniDevice assist tutorial to do it: Rebuild MBR.

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Systems 5: Perdevelop a System Restore

If all of the over solutions are usemuch less to resolve unable to recollection PC drive partition lacking concern, you deserve to consider performing a System Restore which have the right to regain your computer system to an earlier allude.

In WinRE display, please pick Troubleshoot > State-of-the-art options > System Restore, and then follow the wizard to complete the operations.

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But, there is one thing you have to pay attention to:

It is said that System Resave will not impact the personal indevelopment choose email, files, photos, videos, and so on on the computer, however it is extremely feasible that some of your personal data is deleted in the time of the device restoring procedure.

For instance, tbelow may be errors which may result in damage to the information that is present in the device. And abnormal computer shutdown in the time of restoring process can also reason data loss problem. Besides, as soon as System Restore is failed, it may lead to loss of crucial documents too.

After booting the computer effectively, if you uncover some important records are lacking, you deserve to usage the totally free file recoexceptionally tool, MiniDevice Power File Recoexceptionally, to retrieve them.

Still, you can use the Trial Edition of this software program to have a try initially.

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Equipment 6: Reinstall Windows

If every one of the above 5 options deserve to settle your unable to recollection PC drive partition lacking issue, you deserve to reinstall Windows to have a shot.

Tright here is even more than one means to reinstall Windows. You deserve to check out this article and select one way accordingly: Detailed Steps and also Instructions to Reinstall Windows OS.

Bottom Line

In this short article, we tell you exactly how to solve a compelled drive partition is missing concern when you recollection your PC. Hope these options deserve to aid you out.

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Should you have any kind of question when using classiccomputers.info software program, you deserve to feel totally free to call us by sending an e-mail to . Besides, you have the right to likewise let us know in the following comment. If you have your very own choices or suggestions, you have the right to also share through us.