Unable to open mtp device

I tried to install libmtp* mtp* and likewise remounted itAnd likewise try to put device indevelopment in udev.rules" pertinent file



try installing mtpfs

superform apt-obtain install mtpfs

and install mtp-tools

sudo apt-gain install mtp-tools

if you have mounted mtpfs and also your device is still not known ( allow mtp mode on your device ) run mtp-detect

the output need to look prefer this :

Listing raw device(s)

Device 0 (VID=1234 and PID=5678) is ...

You watching: Unable to open mtp device

complied with by particular phone information

the udev modifying can be done favor :

open up /etc/udev/rules.d/69-libmtp.rules through root. if this file does not exist yet copy it from /lib/udev/rules.d/69-libmtp.rules

in this file you add the adhering to line ( through adapted vid, pid, ... )

ATTRidVendor=="1234", ATTRidProduct=="5678", SYMLINK+="libmtp-%k", MODE="660", GROUP="disk", ENVID_MTP_DEVICE="1", ENVID_MEDIA_PLAYER="1"

and reload udev

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answered Nov 3 "17 at 19:01

ralf htpralf htp
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For anyone coming right here for Ubuntu 18.04 like me, various other answers didn"t occupational. What did:

Turn off USB debugging.Use USB to move files

Also, after doing this, android studio had some trouble recognizing the gadget also after switching debugging back on. Switching USB Preferences >> Use USB for "Documents Transfer" to "PTP" operated.

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answered Jan 8 "20 at 8:13

Kai IsmKai Ism
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Use resetter software and also recollection libmtp* ,mtp* and also other choose jmtpf* from custom reset option (last one)

Dawnlode from Herehttps://github.com/gaining/Resetter

Or get .deb file from herehttps://github.com/gaining/Resetter/releases/tag/v1.1.2-stable

Extract it, install it and also run

superform resetterIn terminal and perform above things

answered Nov 4 "17 at 12:52

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This might be a less complicated deal with, it"s what functioned for me:

sudo apt install mtp-tools

Now plug in your Android phone by means of USB, cable matters so if one doesn"t work-related attempt an additional.


Done. Open up your Files application or terminal and carry away!

answered Jul 4 "19 at 15:12
Robert HoughtonRobert Houghton
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