Unable to install windows 7

I am having issues installing Windows 7 Professional SP1 64 bit(OEM) on a newly constructed COMPUTER. The error message that I am receiving after clicking to install windows is this:



I understand that this is a widespread concern that world confront as soon as trying to install Windows 7 as evidenced by the plethora of threads scattered throughout miscellaneous forums on the internet regarded this extremely concern. Thus, based on my study via these threads, I"ve tried to solve this concern but to no avail. I understand that the particular fix to this problem varies depending upon what motherboard the computer system has actually. These are the components in my computer:


Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-H110N

Links for motherboard:http://www.gigabyte.us/products/product-page.aspx?pid=5738&kw=GA-H110N#ov

http://amzn.to/28REidxCPU: Intel Core i5-6500 6M Skylake Quad-Core 3.2 GHzhttp://amzn.to/28T2k8k


RAM: Kingston HyperX FURY Babsence 16GB Kit (2x8GB) 2133MHz DDR4http://amzn.to/28P9GXK

SSD: Samsung 850 EVO M.2 250GBhttp://amzn.to/28P9PKY


PSU: EVGA 430W 80+ (3 Year Warranty)http://amzn.to/28REfi9OS:Windows 7 Professional SP1 64little (OEM)http://amzn.to/28Os5pA


For more information on my construct, you deserve to watch this video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vn_Lw8e7yFk

My develop is the very same as the one in that video.

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 For this develop, I decided to not install an interior optical drive, so I opted for making a bootable flash drive for windows 7. Keep in mind, that I actually have the physical DVD; I didn"t torrent the ISO or anything like that. I"ve provided multiple methods(only 2 out of the five techniques appeared to work) simply to make certain this wasn"t the cause of the drive worry. The initially method I tried deserve to be uncovered in this video:

This video demonstprices the command prompt technique for making a bootable flash drive for home windows, which involves these commands:

disKpartlist diskchoose disk 1cleanproduce partition primaryselect partition 1aCTIVEformat fs=ntfs quickassignexitd: cd bootcd bootbootsect.exe/nt60 e:


It seems that this technique was a success. I obtain the driver is absent error message when using the bootable flash drive created from this method.


The second method I tried was the one recommfinished my Mircrosoft, which was to usage their Windows USB/DVD downfill tool. I created the ISO file from my home windows 7 DVD with imgburn. The tool did not accept this file. Thus, I offered this fix for that particular issue:http://www.intohome windows.com/fix-the-selected-file-is-not-a-valid-iso-file-error-in-windows-7-usbdvd-download-tool/


However before, it still failed at 99% after using this deal with. So, I developed the ISO file when aobtain via imgburn, however at the slowest speed(sluggish burn) to see if this would certainly make a distinction. This failed as well even after applying all the important fixes. I tried this procedure on a different computer to view if the other computer system was causing the worry and also it still failed. I additionally tried it on various flash drives to which it failed for that too. Therefore, I was unable to make a bootable home windows flash drive via this technique.


The third method I tried was through Rufus, but this failed also. I got this error message:  Write error <0x00000015> - retrying...  Write error <0x00000015> - retrying...  Write error <0x00000015>  Error writing file: <0x00000015> The gadget is not ready.



The fourth method I tried was through WinsetupfromUSB 1.6. This routine didn"t also accept the ISO I produced from my Windows DVD, so I provided this iso: http://downlots.jmay.us/Downloads/Windows7Prox64.aspx

It welcomed this iso, yet it didn"t seem to succeed. The regimen indicated that it completed the procedure, however I encountered a black screen when trying to usage the bootable home windows flash drive developed through this routine.


The fifth approach I tried appeared to work. I supplied the routine wintoflash. With the bootable flash drive I produced via this approach, I get the same error message that I receive with the bootable flash drive I made with the initially method. However, the essential difference is that via this one, I am unable to accessibility the repair options that can be discovered on the "Install Windows" display screen. The error I get as soon as trying to access the repair alternatives is this:



However, below is the kicker. I tried the flash drives created from the first and also fifth approach on an additional computer system, to see if I would certainly receive a various result. And it appeared to job-related. I didn"t get the exact same error message that I obtained on my newly built computer system and also was proceeded to the display to accept the license agreement.


Anvarious other thing, I tried installing home windows with an external optical drive, but obtained the same error message.


Based on this, it appears that I"ve thrived to create a bootable flash drive via the initially and fifth technique and also that I might have to alter the settings in the motherboard BIOS to acquire roughly this error message. I am simply not sure what exactly I must do in the BIOS. I"ve flashed the BIOS, but this didn"t deal with the difficulty also.

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Besides all that, I will certainly outline all the procedures I"ve took for this reason far to attempt to settle this issue:


1. I tried to relocate the flash drive to an additional USB port, specifically a 2.0 port, after going to the "install windows" display. This didn"t work-related. I tried eextremely single USB 2.0 port in the computer.


2. I tried transforming the boot priority in the BIOS, via USB being the initially one, and also the SSD being the second.


3. I tried this:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fo7tyFFjSsA


4. I tried to install the drivers on the computer system, and received numerous error messperiods, especially for this driver:Intel SATA Preinstall driver(For AHCI / RAID Mode) and also the display audio driver. These are the error messperiods I received for these drivers:




Also, when trying to install the USB 3.0 driver, the computer system freezes, forcing me to manually shut down the computer.


5. These seem be all the actions I"ve taken thus much that I can remember appropriate now. If I take place to remember any kind of various other actions that I"ve taken, I will modify the post and provide them.


Some various other things to note:


1. When flash drives are put in the computer, they do not display up after inputting diskpart>list disk in the command also prompt:



I find this quite odd to say the leastern.


2. If it is of any kind of merit, through this computer,  I am able to use Ubuntu with the "try" alternative. In Ubuntu, the flash drives can be accessed(this is how I relocated the motorists on the computer).

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I apologize for the lengthy short article, yet I want to carry out as much indevelopment as possible. Thank you for any kind of assist that have the right to be provided.