Unable to install java there are errors in the following switches

I downloaded a file for a game that calls for Java to run.When I downloaded the file it saved as a WinRAR file. So I ideal clicked the file and pressed open through Java Platdevelop SE Binary (As that was the just Java add-on that came up). Then an Error Message came up which says:

Java Installation Not Completed. Unable to install Java. Tright here are errors in the following switches: ("C:UsersMyNameDesktopThe file name for The Game(2).jar"). Check that the regulates are valid and try again.

You watching: Unable to install java there are errors in the following switches

But I have actually currently Installed Java as well.

Has anyone got a settle they can recommend?



One of your papers is corrupted. Sindicate downfill Jarresolve and also run it.

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The Breakdvery own has actually a straightforward and also valuable website to utilizing Jarsolve. Sindicate follow the instructions and downpack it in the connect below:

https://thebreakdvery own.xyz/jarfix-to-repair-jar-files-on-your-pc/


This can be run by using Command also prompt

Open Command also prompt (in windows: Windows+R -> type "cmd" then enter)

Follow the course stated to your particular folder(upto wbelow your jar file exists)for example: D:projectsfolder1innerFolder>

currently, java -jar filename.jar (then enter)

for example: D:projectsfolder1innerFolder>java -jar filename.jar

Finally you can view your output

Note: Install java and additionally set course in atmosphere variables



go attempt to open up it by means of cmd by following:

push Win + "R" and also form in "cmd" and press Enter

Then you form in the following:

java -jar C:UsersMyNameDesktopThe file name for The Game(2).jarif that dont work try to provide even more indevelopment (the full error, where perform you acquire the error? As a Messagebox? Or as terminal output?)

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