Unable to display rd web access

One of my customers is having an intermittent problem in trying to usage an RDweb remote desktop/remote application. It will intermittently throw the following:

"Error: Unable to display screen RD Web Access, An unmeant error has actually occured that is avoiding this page from being presented appropriately. Viewing this page in Web Explorer via Enhanced Security Configuration enabled can cause such an error. Please attempt loading this web page without the Enhanced Security Configuration permitted. If this error continues to be shown, please call your administrator."

The customer is using a Windows 10 Pro machine and IE 11 (Chrome is not an option). I've gone into IE advanced choices unticked the enhanced settings option and obtained it to job-related after a rebegin of the machine only for a while. The site is in trusted sites and also also permitted active x as a test. The page will then job-related for a few hrs and also then revert back to this error message.

You watching: Unable to display rd web access

Any aid would be considerably appreciated.

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3 years ago
When the error comes earlier is the alternative you adjusted earlier again? As it functions for a few hours then stops working that sounds favor team policy is kicking in. Have you tried using Edge? It must downpack the RDP file so you have the right to connect that method.

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Original Poster3 years ago

Hi. We set the choice via team plan and also it doesn’t revert ago. Which was my initial assumed. Running gpresult on the logged in user mirrors the plan is still collection.

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