Unable to access image file

After mounting a picture to my local C drive in the folder "mount", I run the command:

dism /image:c:mount /get-featuresI get an error message:

Error: 2Unable to accessibility the photo.Make certain that the picture path and the windows directory for the photo exist and you have Read perobjectives on the folder.I"ve looked far and also wide on the internet and have actually failed to discover an answer.Under protection settings on the mount folder, all individuals for the machine have full read accessibility. Anybody know what the Issue is?

I understand this is not precisely programming, yet thought I"d ask below anyhow.

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I readdressed the worry making use of start up repair to gain to the dos prompt and also then by navigating in DOS earlier to my OS drive as that is where the photo is in my instance my O/S drive is C: and my brand-new motorists were on a thumb drive in a folder called Driversin my situation the command also was C:dism /image:c: /add-driver /Driver:e:Drivers /recurse


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