Two wireless printers on same network

Because each printer is assigned a unique serial number,once you attach another printer of the exact same design to your computer, it is recognized as a different machine.

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When the printer driver is installedwiththe firstprinter inyour computer system, "Brvarious other XX-XXXX" printer driver is developed in the folder. If you affix additional printers of the very same design to the computer, brand-new printer drivers such as " XX-XXXX (Copy 1)" and " XX-XXXX (Copy 2)" are produced.

You have to select the correct printer driver in the printing application according to the printer you are currently making use of.

Turn on the printer you want to usage. Change the icon view to <Tiles>andconfirm the currentlyaccessible printer driver's name. The printer driversdisplayed as "Offline"or "Not connected" are unaccessible.

You deserve to readjust the printer driver names if wanted. We recommfinish altering the names to ones that plainly suggest the association in between the printer and printer driver.

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Example: XX-XXXX--> XX-XXXX A XX-XXXX (Copy 1)--> Brvarious other XX-XXXX B

In P-touch Editor, click <File>- <Printer/Page Setup...> to display the Printer Setup dialog box.
Select theprinter you shown in Step 3 from the pull-down food selection, and also then click <OK>.
Now you have the right to print from theprinter you are presently using.

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