Turn off quick find firefox

Finally! Mozilla allows to disable Fast Find in Firefox browser. In Firefox, to find somepoint you’re searching for in a internet web page, you deserve to usage Find bar. If you open up Find bar utilizing Ctrl+ F, it provides alternatives such as Highlight All, Match Case, and Whole Words. There is also a mini find bar known as Quick Find in Firefox that is advantageous for quick search, this shows up at the bottom and also goes amethod after a few seconds as soon as you press / (forward slash) or ‘(single quote), the latter is only for finding web links in the internet browser.

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Chances are, you might not recognize or never before supplied Fast Find in Firefox internet browser that frequently, but accidentally inputting the / or ‘ character opens Rapid Find and that have the right to be annoying when you’re working on somepoint. Starting from Firefox 63, Mozilla to permit to disable it by toggling a choice in about:config.

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What is Rapid Find and how to open and use it in Firefox browser?

Before disabling Firefox Rapid Find, for the uninitiated users, we’re giving a brief on what Quick Find in Firefox is and also how to open and usage it.

I. Finding web links on a web page using Quick Find

‘ (single quote character) opens up Fast Find (web links only) bar at the bottom of web page.

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Type the phrase that you desire to find in web links on internet web page, that phrase will be selected and also displayed after typing.

II. The / (forward slash) opens the Rapid Find, you’ll uncover this comparable to Find bar, but doesn’t contain Highlight All, Match Case and also other choice. Just kind a phrase you’re looking to see in web page, that expression will certainly be highlighted.


Disable Rapid Find bar in Firefox

Ensure you’re utilizing Firefox 63 (which is presently in Nightly)

1. Visit about:config

2. Search for discover, in the search outcomes displayed, pick ‘ease of access.typeaheaddiscover.manual‘ preference


3. Double click to readjust its worth from true to false, done.

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Has Quick Find resulted in inconvenience to you? Then just how you’ve prevented it from showing up aget when you touch those keys? Let us recognize in the comments.