Transparent folder icon windows 10

Want to hide a folder so no one can uncover it? This article will certainly display you exactly how to make a paper or folder super concealed with no name on that file or folder, we will also make a blank folder by personalizing the icon. This will certainly make the file or folder unsearchable in Windows Explorer or a USB flash drive.

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Here are two ways to make an invisible folder:

How to create a brand-new folder without name

Making an invisible folder deserve to safeguard your records from prying eyes. Here"s how:

1. Open File Explorer, go to place wbelow you want to put invisible folder to.

2. Press Ctrl+Shift+N to create a new folder.


3. Give an invisible name. Press and also organize Alt crucial while inputting in the number 0160. Then hit the Enter vital, you will certainly see a folder through no name will be produced.


How to customize folder symbol to make it transparent

1. Right-click the folder which you want to hide symbol for and then choose Properties.

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2. In Properties home window, select the Customize tab, and also then click Change Icon.


3. Search for a empty icon, then click to usage it, and then click OK.


4. Then click the Apply button to produce an invisible folder. That"s it!


Note: The folder is transparent, but when using Ctrl +A, it still deserve to be highlighted and select.

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To defend the secret information, you have the right to select to hide documents and also folders. Additionally, you deserve to lock a USB drive by permitting write-protection, you have the right to refer to this post How to Enable Write Protection on a USB Flash Drive.