Total available graphics memory vs dedicated

I have actually an intel i7 6700k processor via Asus z170 motherboard, through 16Gb of RAM. I checked in the display settings I have actually the following.

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Dedicated Video Memory: 128MBSystem Video Memory: 0Shared System Memory: 8126MBI have actually the intel 530 graphics.

Tbelow are a couple of concerns that I have actually here.

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1 What is the difference in between mutual and dedicated memory? If I were to play a game or render a video clip what will certainly be the GPU memory accessible to it?If I were to buy a graphics card, should I reduce the mutual memory?

I was under the impression that Intel 530 graphics have 1 GB GPU memory but I watch no cite of that.

Do let me recognize if you desire more details.

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That 128MB dedicated memory is ‘fake" video memory which is still mechanism RAM. It is permanently alsituated to the GPU and also is only supplied by older pre-Vista games which cannot exploit merged graphics/mutual memory.The 128MB of VRAM (=dedicated memory) is additionally supplied for video engine graphics. Due to the fact that a lot of of the moment, games will require even more than that 128 MB of VRAM, the rest of the continuous mechanism RAM will be allocated for cache (number crunching work) alongside via the dedicated 128MB of VRAM. For example, that 128MB of dedicated VRAM does the heavy lifting by storing the best rendered images on the display screen while a section of your allocated system RAM takes the smaller chunks and vice versa. This is exactly how when you play games, your RAM is supplied rather broadly in addition to utilizing the difficult drive to pack in and cache files needed to run the game.By default, current-gen Intel graphics can usage **approximately fifty percent the amount of mechanism RAM as graphics memory (= Shared System Memory).Depending on the OS and also the driver this consumption deserve to be customized (within certain boundaries/limits), even based on application level (so per game/ application) - these settings are sometimes surprise, so you have to pick advanced/extfinished configuration in the driver app and also after clicking a "Yes I understand what I do" dialog you have the right to mess with those settings.So a System Video Memory: > 0 is just easily accessible on dedicated GPU (notebooks)/ added graphic cards. In my device I have actually two GPUs and per driver alternatives the system takes the included GPU (e.g. for Office job-related, email ...) For memory or rate heavy jobs (Games, wideo, raw photo modifying, compiling) I use the dedicated GPU. Depfinishing on the OS and also the driver package you as a user have actually complete regulate to no regulate at all selecting unique settings.