Torrent you are trying to add is already in the list

While using uTorrent, many kind of users have actually reported encountering the “Torrent you are trying to add is already in the list” error message. In spite of being a prevalent error message, but, many type of civilization aren’t acquainted via the appropriate strategy to deal with the worry. If you are likewise unable to include a specific torrent due to the said error message, you’ve pertained to the ideal place.

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In this guide, we are going to define the ideal method to deal with the “Torrent you are trying to add is already in the list” error in uTorrent. Follow the offered solution and also you’ll have the ability to downpack any type of Torrent file without any interruption.

So, without any better ado, let’s begin with the overview.

What Caoffers uTorrent Error “The Torrent You Are Trying To Add Is Alprepared In The List Of Torrents”

It is worth noting that this uTorrent error is not a serious issue and deserve to be fixed conveniently. But, before talking around the solution, let’s first understand what causes this error. The error usually happens when you try to add a torrent to the list, however the uTorrent application ends up crashing as a result of assorted factors. As an outcome, when you’ll try to relaunch uTorrent and include the particular Torrent aget, you’ll be motivated with the adhering to error message.

“The torrent you are trying to add is already in the list of Torrents”.



Even if tbelow is no Torrent on the list, you are a lot of most likely to view this error on your screen. Why? Since the Torrent you were trying to include earlier will be provided under the “Hidden” tab. As an outcome, when you’ll include it aobtain, uTorrent will certainly consider it as a duplicate file and also display the shelp error instead.

Solution: Find the Hidden Tab and Delete Hidden Torrents

So, currently that you understand what causes the error, let’s talk about exactly how to fix it so that you have the right to start downloading and install the Torrent instantly.

Because a concealed Torrent file restricts you from adding the new Torrent, you’ll have to discover and delete it from the list to settle the concern.

Follow these steps to remove the surprise Torrent file from uTorrent.

Tip 1 — Launch uTorrent and click “Labels” in the left menu bar.

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Step 2 — Click “Hidden” to check out all the concealed Torleas.



Step 3 — Select the particular Torrent and delete it from the list. If you desire, you have the right to additionally rebegin downloading the same file by tapping “Restart” from the right-click food selection.

Once you have actually deleted the surprise Torrent file, uTorrent won’t display the error message and also you’ll be able to add the brand-new Torrent without encountering any concerns.

Additional Tips to Solve This Error

While deleting papers from the concealed tab will certainly resolve the issue for nearly every user, tright here are situations as soon as this technique might not job-related. If that’s the situation, right here are a couple of extra tips that’ll help you solve the issue automatically.

● If you don’t uncover Torrent listed under the “Hidden” label, examine various other labels such as “Inactive” or “Archive”. Keep in mind if you’re seeing the error message, the torrent file has to be somewhere in among the lists.

● In instance the concern is still not solved, you deserve to totally uninstall uTorrent from your PC. You must additionally delete all the magnet links/trackers from all the previous torleas. Now, reinstall uTorrent and you won’t confront the same error anymore.

● Another effective solution to downfill the Torrent file is to usage another Torrent application such as “BitTorrent”. Because each Torrent Documents Downloader has separate directories where they store magnetic links/trackers, you’ll have the ability to downfill the Torrent file without encountering duplicacy issues.

I Cannot Find The Hidden Tab In uTorrent’s Sidebar. What Should I Do?

Tright here are many kind of cases as soon as you might not check out “Hidden” under the “Label” tab. If your uTorrent application is mirroring “No Labels” as well, simply push “F7” on your keyboard. This will certainly instantly lug up the “Hidden” label and also you’ll have the ability to remove the file from the list.

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So, that’s how you can settle “the torrent you are trying to add is currently in the list” in uTorrent. We hope that these techniques help you fix the problem so that you have the right to downpack the Torrental fees without any type of interruption whatsoever. And, in case nopoint functions, ssuggest uninstall uTorrent and also use a different “Torrent Data Downloader” on your PC.