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WebChat 4.11.0

Describe the bug

Webchat times out and also shows a waring message under the web browser consingle for the first welcome message. Due to timed out it takes some time to display the welcome message.It shows up the reply to message has a wrong id or none existent ID.This happens in the latest version of webchat v4.11.0 yet I believe it happens in the previous v4.10.1 without logging in the consol.

Expected behavior

WebChat should not timed out for the initial welcome message.

Code to trigger the welcome message

if ("DIRECT_LINE/CONNECT_FULFILLED".equalsTo(activity.type)) // When we receive DIRECT_LINE/CONNECT_FULFILLED activity, we will sfinish an event task utilizing WEB_CHAT/SEND_EVENT this.directLine.postActivity( from: id: this.user.id, name: this.user.name , name: "webchat/join", type: "event", value: "token" ).subscribe( id => consingle.log(`Posted activity, assigned ID $id`), error => console.log(`Error posting task $error`) );
The text was updated properly, however these errors were encountered:


Copy connect

stevkan, no it is not a test code. The ".equalsTo()" is just a role that compares two string ignoring the situation.

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String.protoform.equalsTo = function (target: string, caseSensitive: boolean = false): boolean const sensitivity = caseSensitive ? "case" : "base"; rerevolve String(this).localeCompare(target, "en", sensitivity: sensitivity ) === 0;

abelfubu" src="https://avatars.classiccomputers.infousercontent.com/u/65258220?s=60&u=952994176283029f2b2a7fd28cee0d46a85b2015&v=4" /> abelfubu commented Dec 2, 2020

stevkan commented Dec 7, 2020

arman-g and also
abelfubu, execute either of you have actually the "Almethods on" attribute enabled in your bot"s configuration in ABS?


<br> <br>arman-g, unfortunately, I

As for the "Almethods on" feature, navigate to your bot"s application company, click on "Configuration" on the left, under" Settings", to open up up the associated blade. Then, click "General settings" and also look for "Almethods on" about half means down the list of options and verify that it is collection to "On".

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This function keeps the service, and by virtue of that, the bot, from going to a sleep state throughout durations of intask. With this function set to "Off", on an initial message to the bot from anyone, the user will experience a slight delay. This could be driving the timeout problem.