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For over 6 months I've struggled via this piece of sh*t error. I've always updated to your newest driver. It couldn't be the concern with the brand-new driver is what I heard. At random the PC would certainly just provide a BSOD during gaming or also shortly after startup.

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- GPU: AMD Radeon R9 390 Gaming 8 GB

- Reinstalled chauffeurs plenty of times

- Reinstalled PC

- Cleaned PC

- Did loads of manual troubleshooting, hands-on file editing and enhancing, monitoring etc.

I was an inch away from ordering all new hardware.

I downgraded to the AMD Catalyst Control Center, version 15. This was delivered via the out-of-the-box CD. This driver is severely outdated from 2015 yet..

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No errors. Smooth cruising for weeks. It's ultimately over...

Its 100% your driver and also you suck for not having resolved this for so long. There are dozens world online that encountered this.

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1 year ago
Same with my brand brand-new construct via Vega 56 continuous babsence display and also threview stuck BSOD sent out it to RMA after 2 weeks currently I'm without a PC for two weeks. Never before had actually these problems via Nvidia GPUs. AMD GPUs suck. After researching I found this problem is widespread with AMD cards mainly it's driver/software program associated and also you have the right to imagine just how annoying that is for brand-new users favor me. Never before again AMD

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1 year ago

Nvidia has actually a lot even more sources (people and also money). AMD is constantly the ugly sister.

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