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Not being able to accessibility a specific website deserve to be a frustrating endure, specifically as soon as you’re confronted via an error message you don’t understand. For instance, one widespread concern you could encounter when searching the web is the ‘ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR’.

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While this message may at first appear intimidatingly technological and complex, it’s actually pretty easy. Understanding what the error means deserve to make it a lot simpler to settle. Once you know what you’re taking care of, there are a few quick approaches you deserve to usage to handle it.

In this write-up, we’ll explain what the SPDY protocol in Google Chrome is, as well as what the ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR indicates. Then we’ll explore five methods you deserve to use to resolve that error.

Let’s obtain started!

An Introduction to SPDY in Google Chrome

Before we talk about what the ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR message means and also exactly how to fix it, it helps to understand also what SPDY is in the initially place. In a nutshell, SPDY is a Google Chrome netfunctioning protocol.

SPDY was created to help strengthen the defense of HTTP-allowed web peras. HTTP is additionally a web protocol, which enables interaction and also connectivity between browsers and servers. The ‘s’ in SPDY is brief for ‘speedy’, and also reflects that the protocol is designed to aid boost internet page loading times and also alleviate latency.

Some extra benefits of SPDY include:

Lower bandwidth usageImshowed performanceBetter User Experience (UX)

SPDY modifies web website traffic and data after it leaves the server, while optimizing bandwidth usage in the process. The result have the right to be a quicker experience for customers. It have the right to also help resolve some prevalent difficulties connected through HTTP. For instance, HTTP only retrieves one item at a time, yet SPDY fetches multiple downloads at once.

Understanding the ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR in Chrome

A few of the error messages you come throughout while looking the internet indicate a difficulty through the website you’re trying to access. Other times, they’re indicative of an issue through the Operating System you’re making use of.


The clear looking data home window in Google Chrome

We recommfinish continuing to be in the Basic tab. That way, the browser will retain your passwords, auto-fill information, and also so on. Ssuggest select Clear data and also provide the browser a few moments to work.

Once the procedure is finish, restart your internet browser and check to check out if the error still shows up.

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Method 4: Flush the SPDY Pockets

Anvarious other solution that have the right to deal with the ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR is flushing the ‘SPDY pockets’. To carry out this, open up your Chrome internet browser and also form or copy and also paste the adhering to into the URL bar:

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Next, hit the Enter essential. That will lug you to a web page that looks prefer this:

Once tright here, click the Flush sockets pool switch. Then attempt to visit the site that motivated the error, to watch if the problem is readdressed. If not, there’s an additional method you have the right to try.

Method 5: Clean the DNS and also Renew the IP

If you’ve tried every one of the above approaches and also you’re still seeing the ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR message, the concern may be through your Domain Name System (DNS). To flush your DNS, you’ll first want to open the command also prompt.

In Windows, you can perform this by using the Win + R secrets, then inputting “cmd” in the box that appears and also hitting Enter. You have the right to additionally open the Start food selection, and also kind “Command Prompt” right into the search bar. Next, select Run as administrator:

On a Mac, you can access the command also prompt through Terminal. To do this, open up Finder then click on Applications in the left panel:

Visit our thorough guide for all the details on exactly how to flush your DNS cache based on your OS and also internet browser.

Once this task is done, rebegin your web browser and also visit the website in question as soon as even more to verify that the difficulty has actually been reresolved.

(Discover how to solve Chrome’s ERR_CACHE_MISS error).


Google Chrome is a very famous internet browser, through a whopping 73% of web browser market share, and in most cases, it runs pretty smoothly. Once in a while, however, you might come throughout an ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR message staying clear of you from accessing a particular webwebsite.

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While frustrating, this concern is resolvable without requiring a lot of technical know-just how. Specifically, there are five methods you have the right to usage to settle the Chrome ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR message:

Updating and rebeginning your Google Chrome internet browser.Using Google Chrome’s incognito mode to accessibility the website.Clearing your browser’s cache.Flushing the SPDY sockets of your Chrome web browser.Cleaning your DNS cache and also renewing the IP.

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