This device is blocked by access control in the router bypass

For the previous month, me and also my father have actually been having a friendly battle about the internet in my family. Basically, after 9:30 at night, he transforms off my internet, by setting a schedule that stops a group of IP objects from accessing the internet (this contains my lapoptimal, phone, iPod, and so on.) Before this, he accidentally left the router password on my laptop, saved, so I was able to go in, and also simply readjust the IP objects to a various one, allowing my computer to attach.

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Now that he has actually readjusted the password, I was wondering if tbelow was a way to:

change my MAC resolve, so it will not bind to the very same IPhave a different method of bypassing it.

This is all for fun and also games, we both reap trying to figure out what the other has actually done.

The operating environment:OS: Windows 8Router: Draytek Vigor 2820



You deserve to indeed readjust your MAC address on your Network Interchallenge Card (NIC) in Windows choices.

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Start > Device Manager > Pick your netjob-related card from the list > Cutting edge tab

You should watch this (please excusage my foreign Windows language):


The only way I deserve to think of to bypass the rexternal would certainly be to factory recollection it, then adjust the password amethod from the default password so your father cant access it and also then begin blocking his gadgets instead.


I am not sure how your rexternal functions, but if it really blocks specific IP addresses (rather of MAC addresses) - you can attempt to adjust the IP on your Computer directly - no require for router access to do this.

In your netjob-related settings, attempt to collection the IP to hand-operated configuration.

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Network and Sharing Center > Local Area Connection > Local Area Connection Properties > Net Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4):

Depick "Option an IP attend to automaticallySelect "Use the adhering to IP address" and enter similar values to what works before 9:30pm (e.g. readjust from to the exact same subnet mask and gatemethod as throughout the day

If you are unlucky the rexternal can additionally just permit particular devices (prefer Kristian) said, you would certainly then have to readjust your MAC deal with to imitate among them. However, this will certainly most most likely result in issues in your network, since 2 computers can"t have actually the same IP in a network.