This action cannot be completed because the file is open in com surrogate

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The Action Cannot Be Completed Because the Data Is Open in COM Surrogate

The error message "The Action Cannot Be Completed Since the Data Is Open in COM Surrogate" has been well-known to pop up while attempting to rename a paper. On Windows 10, this has actually likewise been known to take place when you right-click any type of file, and also choose Properties, Details and also "Rerelocate Properties and Personal Indevelopment," followed by "Remove the adhering to properties." Here are a few points to inspect.-=- Advertisement -=-
TIP: Hard to solve Windows Problems? Repair/Rekeep Missing Windows OS Files Damaged by Malware via a couple of clicks
The first 2 options have had the best success.

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1: Close the App With Task ManagerA running application might have actually a file locked, even if you assumed the application was closed. Press the Windows Key + S and type in task and click on Task Manager. Look for the application running the file you desire to modify. For example, let"s say you"re trying to modify an Excel document, you"d desire to look for excel, right-click and choose End task. There are three sections here; Apps, Background Processes, and also Windows Processes. Your application is a lot of most likely under Apps or Background Processes.
Now view if you can edit the file in question.2: Reboot WindowsIf you don"t want to play around via Task Manager, a reboot could cshed a program that"s running and resolve your trouble. We know, that seems also basic, however it"s the quickest and also simplest possible settle.

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3: Uninstall a Recently Installed ProgramIf this trouble is recurring after stopping procedures and also rebooting you want to consider if you recently mounted an application that can be bring about your difficulty. Security and also privacy software pertained to mind. If so, uninstall that regimen. You could also have the ability to usage System Restore to back to prior to the difficulty began. Here"s exactly how to Enable, Disable, Manage, Delete or Create a System Restore Point
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TIP: Hard to solve Windows Problems? Repair/Restore Missing Windows OS Files Damaged by Malware with a few clicks

4: Disable Hardware AccelerationDisabling Hardware Acceleration might assist individuals of Windows 7, 8 and Vista however not Windows 10. How to Disable or Adsimply Hardware Acceleration in Windows

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5: Disable Data Execution PreventionFor advanced customers, you deserve to try disabling Data Execution Prevention or DEP.6: Perform a Clean BootA Clean Boot is very similar to Safe Mode yet especially designed to narrow down a problem by enabling a details variety of chauffeurs or startup programs and remove them till you find the difficulty. It"s time-consuming and also not a lot of fun. If you were told to boot in Clean Boot, it need to be because you"re trying to find a details problem.