There was a problem starting hpstatusbl.dll

I recently unmounted a HP deskjet 1010 printer from my lappeak, which went as smooth as possible.On my following boot, an error message popped up which proved that an HPstatusBL.dll was not uncovered.This was the exact error message.There was a trouble beginning C:Program FilesHPHP Deskjet 1010 seriesinHPStatusBL.dllThe specified module could not be uncovered.On clicking the OK switch, the message goes amethod yet the same mesage at eexceptionally bootup is very annoying.

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The culprit is a shortcut that has remained put also after uninstall and also it gets called at eexceptionally boot.How to rerelocate the HPstatusBL.dll error on Windows 10Go to the route location : C:UsersAppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsStartup (replace through your desktop"s. Or you can type AppDocuments in run home window (win + R) and also navigate forward.Check for the shortcut - Monitor Ink Alerts - HP Deskjet 1010 series.lnk (look for the screenswarm below)Delete the shortreduced and also rebegin your COMPUTER. The error need to be gone.
This technique functions with all the other printers additionally, not only the 1010 series. In instance you are not on Windows 10, the exact same method will job-related on previous versions too. The file course might be different in those cases.


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This worked for me. I just removed an HP inkjet printer that I was unhappy with. Thanks!

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