The windows logon process has unexpectedly terminated

The Windows Logon process is a complex device process that handles the Windows logon screen, user authentication, loading the user profile, locking the computer system, and also much more.

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Tright here are many type of errors assoicated via the Windows Logon process, yet tright here are two that I have actually run right into on many type of occasions.

The Windows logon process has actually all of a sudden terminated.

and also

STOP: c000021a Fatal System ErrorThe Windows Logon Process system procedure terminated all of a sudden with a standing of 0xc0000034.The mechanism has actually been shutdown.

Depending on whether you are getting this error on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, or Windows Server 2008, there are several methods to fix the difficulty. Basically, the Winlogon.exe or Csrss.exe processes have failed and also therefore the device crashes.

In this article, I’ll attempt and also walk you though a number of services that have functioned in the past to settle this error.

Windows Server 2003/2008

If you’re acquiring this error on a server, the cause deserve to most likely be attributed to among the adhering to problems listed below. Scroll down if you are having actually the trouble on Windows XP, Vista or 7.

Lack of mechanism resources (hard disk area, memory, CPU)Corrupted Windows registryService that has actually faibrought about start

To examine for lack of mechanism resources, inspect the amount of cost-free hard drive area on the partition where Windows is installed. You deserve to additionally open up the Task Manager and go to the Performance tab to make certain 100% of the CPU is not being used. In the Task Manager, you have the right to also examine the amount of available RAM.

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This have the right to aid you recuperate from troubles resulting from freshly set up vehicle drivers that might not be compatible through your system.

Reinstall Windows

If that doesn’t occupational, then you may have to try reinstalling Windows. This is additionally called a repair install. It basically reareas all your mechanism papers, but keeps all your information and applications. You will need to reinstall all Windows updays after percreate a repair.

You can check out our previous write-up on just how to perform a repair install (scroll to the bottom of the post).


A lot of times the Winlogon.exe procedure stops working due to a poor GINA DLL that has actually reinserted the original Microsoft one. The GINA DLL file perdevelops all authentication and also identification work during the logon process.

You can check to watch if the original file has actually been reput by a third-party one by going to the following regisattempt key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWinlogon

If tbelow is a crucial dubbed Gina DLL and it’s worth is not Msgina.dll, then the dll has been reinserted through a 3rd party routine. If they key does not exist at all, then the system is making use of the default Msgina.dll file.

If there is a third-party file being provided, you must remove or disable the 3rd party software program. Usually, this is done by remote control software program, so if you have actually any kind of remote manage programs set up, rerelocate those.

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Uninstall Windows Update

If you are acquiring this message appropriate after installing the latest Windows updays, you deserve to try to uninstall them utilizing the recoextremely consingle.

Check out this forum post listed below for the actions to uninstall a specific update:

Hopetotally among these options will resolve your problem! If not, post a comment right here and I’ll attempt to help! Enjoy!