The user account you are operating under does not have permission to disable this task

I"m trying to obtain a scheduled task to run on Windows Server 2008. It has been functioning fine for months, and also then hung, so I eliminated it, and also currently I can not obtain it to start. (In case it"s not evident, I"m not a Windows sysadmin by any stretch of the creativity. I inherited responsibility for this system, more or less.)

The error it provides is: "The user account does not have permission to run this task". The task"s "author" is "A". The task"s "When running the task, use the following user account:" is "B". And my user is "C". All of A, B, C are members of the Administrators group, so I"m a bit perplexed regarding why it thinks I don"t have actually perobjectives to run this.

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I have actually found the reason of the error is in the C:/Windows/System32/Tasks folder. When the job is produced, a XML file is produced in the folder. The difficulty is the security permissions, under properties, on this file does not permit the user you produced for the task to have actually execute pergoals. The various other concern is once you create the job in the GPO it doesn"t permit you to connumber for which operating system. The snap shot over is the task scheduler in Windows 7 which does not complement the Server 2008 R2 GPO Task Scheduler.



I think you have the right to go to C:WindowsSystem32Tasks folder. Tbelow discover your project folder and finally your task file. Right click and select Properties -> Security -> State-of-the-art (Button) -> Owner (Tab) -> Edit (Button) and readjust owner to the user you are logged in or to the administrator and press OK.

Aacquire ideal click the file and also Properties -> Security -> Continue (Button) and also inspect whether the user you are logged or administrator has full control over the file. If not, click on the user or administrator and click on the Full Control examine box.



Tbelow is a box you deserve to check once creating or editing the job that says Run via highest possible privilege. Make sure that is checked.

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"The Task runs under domajor credentials (which likewise occur to have neighborhood Administrators membership). When the Task is created, I obtain the very same "the user account does not have permission to run this task" message.

If I export the Task to XML, delete the job, then import the XML file, the presumably similar Task for this reason created runs without troubles."

Reference:MS Technet: the user account does not have actually permission to run this task

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