The task image is corrupted or tampered with windows 7

When I try to carry out a monthly ago up it want execute it. It gives me Task photo is corrupt or has been tampered through 0x80041321. I checked for virures & they come earlier clean. Can some one please help me out?????????
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i just thought that this solutiongiven by mouneshbattle on web page 2 of this thcheck out (around three entries down)was also broad based. particularly the component wright here he argues deleting all the subkeys.

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i had actually a similar worry through my job sched/ corrupted tasks, and the steps you said wouldn"t have actually re-produced clean tasks to rearea the corrupt ones.
BY FAR the the majority of thoturbulent means to resolve the problem is utilizing regedit for the jobs, and correcting the corrupted work in system32 file.
all the procedures have the right to be thoaround defined to gain the correct solution in the following support article:

MS10-092, especially this support page:

although it deals with a problem in the job sched resulted in by a windows upday, the actual problem is specifically the same, via the same corrupt task messperiods.

this is the correct way to settle the concern, it takes a couple of procedures however it"s not difficult. just follow it carefully, and also just resolve the work which are an worry in your mechanism.


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Hi espbrian,

I would certainly indicate you to try the actions pointed out below.

Steps to re-develop Task Scheduler

Registry Disclaimer: The actions discussed below consists of system regisattempt change. However, major problems can happen if you modify the registry wrongly. Therefore, make certain that you follow these measures carefully. For included protection, back up the registry prior to you modify it. Then, you can restore the regisattempt if a trouble occurs. For more indevelopment around exactly how to earlier up and also reclaim the regisattempt, click the adhering to post number to watch the post in the Knowledge Base:

How toback up and also regain the regisattempt in Windows

a.Click on Start; in the begin search form regedit.exe and also push Enter.

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If you acquire a consent prompt, click Yes.

b.Browse through the complying with place.

HKLMSOFTWAREclassiccomputers.infoWindows NTCurrent VersionSchedule key and then delete its subtricks.

c.Save the alters and then departure out of the registry editor.

Now examine if Task Scheduler functions.

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Hope this indevelopment is beneficial and let me know if you need any kind of additionally assistance.

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