The task image is corrupted or tampered with backup

While experimentation a new routine I noticed that the Task Scheduler of my Windows 7 operating system was displaying an error message on startup.

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It presented "Task X; The task picture is corrupt or has been tampered through, via X listing the name of the job that was impacted.

Up to this point I was not conscious of any kind of Task Scheduler associated problems, and you might not too as errors are just revealed once you open the Task Scheduler normally.

You deserve to run the Task Scheduler and also inspect for corruption by tapping on the Windows-crucial, keying Task Scheduler and hitting the Enter-key when the result appears.

The error message was puzzling, as I was not able to determine the task at all.

The first concept that I had actually was to run Autoruns to view if the job was noted in the regime.


To do that run Autoruns and also switch to the Scheduled Task tab. You need to watch some, however not all, of the jobs configured on the system. The job that brought about the corruption error was unfortunately not in the list.

Fixing "The Task Image Is Corrupt Or Has Been Tampered With" Errors


The following action was the Windows Registry. All booked Windows jobs, custom and also default, have an entry in the Regisattempt.

Open the Windows Registry Editor. An basic way to perform that is to push Windows-r to open the run box, type in regedit and hit enter. Navigate to the following crucial in the tree structure in the folder watch on the left side.

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HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionScheduleTaskCacheTree

You will certainly view a list of reserved jobs, more than what Autoruns presented in its interconfront. The job that is bring about the error message once opening the Task Scheduler must be detailed as a crucial underneath the primary folder.

You deserve to identify it easily as it provides the very same name offered once the error is thrvery own in the Windows Task Scheduler.

Back-up first


My advise is to backup the Registry essential first before you begin deleting it. Right-click the crucial that is causing the difficulties and also choose Export. The Registry Editor conserves the vital and also all of its information in a Registry file on the device.

A double-click on that file imports the indevelopment earlier to the Regisattempt. Please note that you need the ideal pergoals to import the Registry indevelopment at a later on point in time.

Once you have actually backed up the Regisattempt vital you can delete it by selecting it via the left computer mouse switch and a tap on the delete key. Deleting the essential need to delete the task in the Task Scheduler.

Rebegin your Task Scheduler to see if that addressed the concern. If you perform not acquire the The Task Image Is Corrupt Or Has Been Tampered With error anymore you have resolved the worry. If it still appears double-inspect the Registry aget to view if the vital has really been deleted, and also that you picked the correct essential.

Sometimes, tright here are multiple entries for the same regime.

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Update: The totally free regimen Repair Tasks has actually been designed to settle corrupt tasks immediately. It is straightforward to usage, and will take care of most task corruptions once you run it.