The specified user does not have a valid profile

If you can not open up the mounted apps from Microsoft Store because of "The mentioned user does not have a valid profile" error, right here is just how to fix.

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Consider a scenario that you mounted an app from Microsoft Store on your Windows 10. Then you attempt to introduced the freshly included application, yet you can’t. Because once the app is initializing, you obtained complying with message:

The stated user does not have actually a valid profile.


The above presented error message points to some executable in the application folder of the involved application. This provides us some hint below to resolve the concern. So here is a workabout that you can apply to fix it.

FIX: The Specified User Does Not Have A Valid Profile

Upon doing some study, we pertained to the conclusion that over error occurs bereason of absence of pergoals in the parent folder. In this case, the parent folder is WindowsApps folder and its place is C:Program FilesWindowsApps, assuming Windows is installed on C: drive. When you downpack the app, its installation records are inside the application folder are downloaded under WindowsApps folder. But given that the WindowsApps folder lacks permission, the app would certainly not completed install.

To fix this problem, you need to move the application folder external of the WindowsApps folder and then run the stated executable file in the error message. Here are the steps involve here:

1. Press

+ E to open Data Explorer and also navigate to C:Program FilesWindowsApps folder.

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2. Take ownership of WindowsApps folder, else you won’t have the ability to open it.

3. Under WindowsApps folder, relocate the application folder, for which you’re acquiring error message. The error message mentions the name of folder, so deserve to obtain it from there. You can relocate the folder to Documents, Desktop or any type of other library. The below screenshot is for depiction just, the actual app would certainly be different in your instance.



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Once the folder is located tright here, you deserve to click on the executable file name pointed out in the error previously and also complete app installation and this time error will not show up.