The service is not responding to the control function

It had actually functioned till yesterday... however this particular day it doesn"t want to start!!! It appears stvariety, and also I feel I"m missing something...

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I"ve also tried to revert resources to the last functioning variation, yet nothing else happens: net start outputs:

The business is not responding to the manage feature.

What could reason this malfunction?

Probably most of you desires to understand more about it. So, let me present you some code:

The company code:

#if DEBUGcourse iGeckoService : DebuggableService#elsecourse iGeckoService : ServiceBase#endif static void Main() #if DEBUG if (Debugger.IsAttached == true) DebuggableService<> services = Services; // Create consingle AllocConsole(); // Emulate ServiceBase.Run foreach (DebuggableService business in services) business.Start(null); // Wait for brand-new line Console.WriteLine("Press ENTER to exit..."); Console.ReadLine(); // Emulate ServiceBase.Run foreach (DebuggableService business in services) company.Stop(); else ServiceBase.Run(Services);#else ServiceBase.Run(Services);#endif #if DEBUG static DebuggableService<> Services gain return (brand-new DebuggableService<> new iGeckoService() ); static extern bool AllocConsole();#else static DebuggableService<> Services acquire rerotate (new ServiceBase<> new iGeckoService() ); #endif #endregion #area Constructors /// /// Default constructor. /// public iGeckoService() // Base properties ServiceName = DefaultServiceName; // Service attribute - Power occasions #endregion defended override void OnStart(string<> args) attempt ... catch (Exception e) sLog.Error("Unable to initialize the organization. Request to soptimal.", e); /// /// Speak this business. /// safeguarded override void OnStop() ... public course iGeckoDaemonInstaller : Installer /// /// Default constructor. /// public iGeckoDaemonInstaller() ServiceProcessInstaller spi = brand-new ServiceProcessInstaller(); spi.Account = ServiceAccount.LocalSystem; ServiceInstaller si = new ServiceInstaller(); si.ServiceName = iGeckoService.DefaultServiceName; si.StartType = ServiceStartMode.Automatic; Installers.AddRange(new Installer<> spi, si); class DebuggableService : ServiceBase public void Start(string<> args) OnStart(args); The begin script is:

installutil ..inDebugiGeckoService.exenet start "Gecko Videowall"while the stop manuscript is:

net soptimal "Gecko Videowall"installutil /u ..inDebugiGeckoService.exeHowever, I think it is a mechanism establishing, since the application has operated well until the last day. (Sigh).

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When the company was working, I offered log4net for logging organization activity (I"m unable to connect the debugger to the running business...), and it has constantly logged.

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From currently, the log4net log it is never developed (also if I permit inner debug option), also if I log at the Main routine!

Another update

It seems that the application is never before executed. I"ve diminished eextremely routine (Main, OnStart, OnStop), and also I run an empty company. OnStart regime creates a paper on a catalog (fully writeable by everyone), but when the company is began, no file is developed.

Yet one more update

Stimulated by the Rob"s comment, I"ve checked out this message on the event viewer:

> Faulting application name: iGeckoService.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4c60de6a> Faulting module name: ntdll.dll, version: 6.1.7600.16385, time stamp: 0x4a5be02b> Exception code: 0x80000003> Fault offset: 0x000000000004f190> Faulting process id: 0x1258> Faulting application start time: 0x01cb384a726c7167> Faulting application path: C:UsersLucaDocumentsProjectsiGeckoSvniGeckoServiceinDebugiGeckoService.exe> Faulting module path: C:WindowsSYSTEM32 tdll.dll> Report Id: b096a237-a43d-11df-afc4-001e8c414537This is, definitively, the factor on the business shutdown... not question becomes: "How to debug it?" (Thank you Rob, I"ve never before believed around the occasion viewer until now!)Debugging it running as console application it doesn"t show any kind of error, indeed it seems regarded the organization setting. The only thing that pertains to my mind might be some DLL loading faitempt, considering that currently the business is empty... any kind of idea?

(Thank you all for following me... I"d prefer to sell you pizza & beer)


The company was unable to begin because a crash prior to the Key regime, led to by the installation and the setup of the MS Application Verifier (x64). After having actually unset up that application, every little thing functioned as usual!