The selected disc image file isn t valid

The schosen file is not a valid ISO file

November 7 2011 17:24 / by: Bryan Didas / Filed in:Windows 7
Ran right into a brand-new problem for me this week. I freshly downloaded a couple of ISO papers from Microsoft, both are the brand-new Windows 8 developer preview. I had plans to burn the 32bit variation to a DVD and also install on an old PC I have actually in my lab. The various other I planned to produce a USB boot stick and also install on a VHD (Virtual Hard Disk).

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On my Windows 7 lapheight I made certain I had a brand-new blank DVD in the drive bay, schosen the 32little ISO file and appropriate clicked, as soon as the Windows Disk Image Burner dialog opened up I picked burn. Wright here I was educated that “The schosen picture isn"t valid.” What?? I downloaded from a Microsoft webwebsite.


Well, probably the file didn’t downfill properly or had actually acquired corrupted. I made a decision I would certainly try to setup my USB boot stick. First I insert a brand-new empty USD drive right into among the ports. Then opened up the Windows 7 USB download tool, and as soon as prompted to pick the ISO, I picked the 64bit file and schosen following in the tool. What?? Again???


So am I now to believe that both downloads are corrupted? I then took the 32little bit file and put it on another laptop with a WinXP OS and had the ability to burn the ISO picture with third party burning software. At this allude I am currently thinking that tbelow is something else going on.

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After trying to find the Invalid ISO File errors I ran throughout a blog write-up where someone had made a utility that would manipulate the ISO file and also connumber it so that Windows 7 would certainly accept the picture.


To discover and also explanation of what this tool corrects and also a connect to downfill the utility go right here Another trouble resolved.

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