The requested url is invalid

I am trying to accessibility particular websites, for circumstances . However, I keep obtaining the following error: Invalid URL

The asked for URL "", is invalid.Reference #9.7c2e12d1.1474828790.d54aa8b

Why is this? This happens periodically via Stackovercirculation, Facebook, and so on. I looked through many type of concerns and couldn"t find a functioning solution. I am not even sure what specifically is going on. I tried flushing the DNS cache, yet that didn"t fix anypoint. I read it can be a php trouble. But I"m not encouraged of that, bereason various other sites are not functioning either. The website appears to occupational completely fine, and then unexpectedly, once I refresh the web page, it mirrors me that error and also persists for a great few hrs.

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SLaks hey, this appears to be a renowned question and also still doesn't have a valid answer. Is it possible to have actually this question circulate more? I'm not certain just how to execute this. –user2639830 Apr 27 "17 at 6:57
In my situation I discovered my ISP had a break down in its DNS. I readjusted the DNS servers in my TCP/IP network interface settings to an additional of your alternative favor Google Public DNS, OpenDNS


This is an akamai recommendation code, you deserve to usage the error translator (reference# ) tool to examine whats going on.



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Can you please provide some instruction on just how to do this? Especially for non hefty techies? This appears to be a renowned question and this answer might aid a lot if more instructive. –user2639830 Nov 3 "16 at 23:11
Highly energetic question. Earn 10 reputation in order to answer this question. The reputation need helps protect this question from spam and non-answer activity.

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