The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process torrent

Some Windows customers have reported that they routinely check out the ‘The procedure cannot accessibility the file because it is being provided by one more process‘ error when trying to downpack peer-to-peer content via BitTorrent. This specific problem is evidenced to take place throughout many different BitTorrent builds.

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‘The procedure Cannot Access the File’ Error in Bittorrent

After investigating this specific worry, it transforms out that tbelow are several different underlying causes that might be leading to this error code inside BitTorrent. Here’s a list of potential culprits:

The file is currently in use by a different application – By much, the a lot of widespread instance that will cause this error is an instance in which the torrent client is attempting to compose to a document that is currently being accessed by a various procedure or application. Most frequently, this is led to by a Finder, Data Indexing software application, or ISO mounting software program. To resolve this certain worry, you’ll must stop the various other application at the moment once BitTorrent is trying to compose on it.third party AV interference – Anvarious other scenario that is confirmed to create this error is interference led to by an AV suite that ends up quarantining parts from the torrent documents (either for legitimate reasons or as a result of a false positive). If this scenario is applicable, you have the right to sheight this from emerging either by whitelisting the torrent folder, disabling the AV suite, or by uninstalling it altogether.

Now that you understand eextremely potential culprit that could be the underlying cause of the ‘The process cannot access the file because it is being supplied by an additional process‘ error, here’s a list of confirmed techniques that must allow you to settle the issue:

Method 1: Cshed all Application Processes that could be interfering

If you’re just founding to troubleshoot this particular concern, the first point you’re going to desire to perform is to ensure that no 3rd party application that is presently running is actually attempting to create information on the very same records as BitTorrent tries to perform the very same.

It’s not unwidespread for file indexers choose Documents Explorer (Windows) and Finder (macOS) to cause this worry, so ensure that the folder of the torrent that’s presently triggering the error is not presently opened in a file indexing tool.

Another potential culprit is Diamond Device or an alternative that is also qualified of mounting ISO records – We’ve managed to discover most user reports confirming that in their case, the concern started emerging right after they mounted an ISO file that was still seeding inside BitTorrent.

Important: If cshedding the applications traditionally doesn’t finish up solving the issue, you have to take the moment to encertain that no background procedures belonging to the suspected applications are still resulting in this worry. To do this, push Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager, then scroll dvery own via the processes tab and close dvery own any process (by right-clicking > End Task) that belongs to the interfering applications.

Ending the problematic organization that could be causing this issue

In instance you have currently closed off any application that could be bring about the ‘The procedure cannot accessibility the file bereason it is being provided by an additional process‘ error in BitTorrent and the same trouble is still emerging, move dvery own to the next potential settle listed below.

Method 2: Redownloading and install the Data exterior a dropbox / Drive / OneDrive folder (if applicable)

Anvarious other scenario that has actually the potential of triggering the error in BitTorrent is if you attempted to downfill a torrent file (using BitTorrent) in a area that’s presently kept by Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or Dropbox.

This will end up leading to a conflict between BitTorrent and also the cloud storage application if both of them are trying to access files from that particular folder at the exact same time.

Several impacted users that confronted the same worry have reported that the only viable method of addressing the worry, in this situation, is to sindicate delete the torrent from the cloud storage area and also re-downloading it aacquire in a consistent location beyond the scope of Drive, OneDrive, or DropBox.

If you’re not certain just how to do this, follow the instructions below:

Open BitTorrent, then right-click the torrent that is throwing the error and also click Remove And > Delete .torrent + data.
Removing the torrent from the queue of BitTorrentDouble-click on the .torrent file aacquire, and select a different place that’s exterior the scope of your cloud storage solution.

If this worry is still not reresolved yet, relocate down to the following method below.

Method 3: Stopping the Antivirus Interference (if applicable)

As it turns out, you have the right to likewise suppose to suffer this worry if your antivirus is flagging torrent papers that you’ve simply downloaded due to a false positive. If you uncover yourself in this particular scenario, you have 3 ways forward:

Disabling the Antivirus suiteWhitelisting the downpack folder of BitTorrent in your AV suiteUninstalling the third party antivirus suite (if applicable)

Depending on the severity of the ‘The procedure cannot access the file because it is being offered by an additional process‘ error, feel free to pick among the sub-guides listed below.

If you’re trying to find a momentary solve that will permit you to finish the downfill, go for sub overview A.

If you want to settle the worry without making any type of underlying changes to your security protocols, go for sub guide B.

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And finally, if you have the right to perform without the current 3rd party AV, follow sub guide C.

A. Disabling the Antivirus Suite

Several impacted individuals have reported that they controlled to prevent this concern from showing up temporarily (just enough to complete the downfill of the torrent by temporarily disabling the real-time defense of your antivirus.

If you’re utilizing a 3rd party AV suite, you deserve to generally disable the real-time defense by right-clicking on the antivirus tray bar symbol and trying to find an option that allows you to temporarily disable its shields.

Disabling the 3rd party Antivirus suite

NOTE: If you’re utilizing the integrated AV (Windows Defender + Windows Firewall), follow these measures to disable the real-time protection.

B. Whitelisting the downfill folder of BitTorrent

If you’re fond of your Antivirus suite, the most elegant solution (yet likewise the the majority of tedious one) is to whitelist the downpack folder that you usage for the peer-to-peer content downloaded via BitTorrent in order to prevent your AV from interfering.

This is reliable in situations where the ‘The procedure cannot access the file because it is being offered by another process‘ error is being led to by the reality that your AV suite is attempting to scan the very same torrent records that BitTorrent is attempting to create on.

Note: If you’re making use of a 3rd party suite, search virtual for certain steps on just how just how to execute it according to the software application that you’re utilizing.

On the other hand, if you’re making use of Windows Defender + Windows firewall as the default Antivirus / Firewall suite, follow the instructions below:

Press Windows key + R to open up a Run dialog box. Next, form ‘ms-settings:windowsdefender‘ inside the message box, then push Enter to open up up the Windows Defender home window.
Opening the Windows Defender menuOnce you’re inside the Windows Security suite, move over to the right-hand also section and also click Open Windows Security.
Opening the Windows Security TabOnce you’re inside the Windows Security tab, click on Virus & danger protection from the list of accessible options.
Opening the Virus & Threat security menuOnce you’re inside the Virus & Threat Protection settings menu, click on Manage Settings from the right-hand menu, then click on Add an Exclusion (under Exclusions).Finally, navigate to the folder that serves as the default location for eexceptionally BitTorrent downfill and also include it to the list of excepted items before saving the alters.Rerotate to BitTorrent and also force a reinspect on the torrent that was causing the error to watch if the difficulty is now solved.

C. Uninstalling the 3rd-party AV Suite

If you’re encountering this worry through a 3rd party suite and you’re not as well fond of it, you can sindicate uninstall it to fix the ‘The process cannot access the file because it is being supplied by an additional process‘ error.

Note: Keep in mind that upon uninstalling the third party suite that’s leading to this worry, your computer system will instantly revert to the default security combo (Windows Defender + Windows Firewall).

If you are identified to uninstall the 3rd party suite that’s causing this problem, follow the instructions below:

Press Windows key + R to open up a Run dialog box. Next, kind ‘appwiz.cpl’ inside the message box and also push Enter to open up the Programs and Features food selection.
Opening the Programs and Features screenOnce you’re inside the Programs and Features display, scroll down with the list of installed applications and also locate the antivirus suite that you’re planning to uninstall.After you regulate to locate the problematic suite, right-click it and pick Uninstall from the conmessage food selection that just appeared.

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Uninstalling antivirus suiteInside the uninstallation display, follow the on-display screen prompts to complete the uninstallation, then restart your computer system and also watch if the problem is resolved as soon as the next startup is finish.