The process cannot access the file because another process has locked a portion of the file

The process cannot access the file because another procedure has locked a section of the file

Cannot open up the disk "C:Users 825665VM"sVPCWindows 10 x64.vmdk" or one of the snapshot disks it depends on.

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Module "Disk" power on failed.

Failed to start the digital machine.

So the virtual machine is not starting anyeven more, exactly how to deal with that?



I simply uncovered the solution for this worry. I developed a backup and relocated the "lck" papers from my VM"s catalog (*.lck), rerelocating them from the VM"s catalog. Then simply rebegan the online machine.


To resolve this error, please go to online O"s magazine and also delete every thing through an ".lck" expansion.

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I run the batch file listed below to delete all short-lived papers , locks, directories and memory documents in the VMWare Working Directory (i.e. Settings/Options/Working Directory). It"s obtained me out of many a jam. You will lose any type of unconserved work that was in VMWare suspended memory so backup prior to making use of if you"re not sure. It will certainly reboot the image as if it was shutdown.

--------------------------Clean.bat ----------------

echo offREM - Delete all directories in Working Directoryset dr=%cd%set ex=*collection "dr=%dr%%ex%"for /d %%a in ("%dr%") execute rd "%%a" /q /s REM - Delete records in Working Directorydel *.logdel *.vmemdel *.vmssdel *.nvramdel *.vmx~pausage
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