The procedure entry point ucrtbase terminate could not be located

The procedure enattempt point ucrtbase.terminate can not be located" in the dynamic attach library api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll

This errors occurs whenever before I launch Skyrim special edition.

You watching: The procedure entry point ucrtbase terminate could not be located

I"ve tried to reinstall and also repair the C++ redistributable package yet it gets stuck at processing windows 7 msu and continues to be tbelow for hours.

My Windows Updays take hrs and just obtain up to looking for home windows updays.

Any standalone Windows Update that can help does not obtain previous "Searching for windows updates" either.

I"m wondering whether or not to simply reinstall Windows 7 and also start aobtain.

Note: I"m not proficient utilizing computer systems so please describe in simple terms.

windows-7 windows updates dll c++
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asked Oct 31 "16 at 15:52

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It"s recognized that absent out on Windows Update updates have the right to reason this worry.

See more: Fix: The Task Image Is Corrupted Or Tampered With Windows 7, Access Denied

If you don"t control to resolve Windows Upday, then you"re also lacking out on protection fixes.

In that instance, absolutely re-install Windows.

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answered Oct 28 "19 at 14:17

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