The ordinal 4684 could not be located

Hey all, I am enduring a weird error once launching x4. As I launch it I get adhering to error:

The ordinal 4684 can not be situated in the dynamic connect library C:Program FilesNVIDIA CorporationNvContainerssleay32.dll

the game in the bg is simply showing black home windows - once I click Ok to the error, the game finally launches.

I remounted the graphics vehicle drivers (did clean install), checked over folder and the influenced file ssleay32.dll is in the above folder.

I suppose game appears to be functioning however its still worrying

Not certain if its connected - every time exit to desktop computer - I get the X4 has actually stopped functioning error

edit: its GOG version

Any ideas?


Edit2: I think I uncovered the reason, this seems to be because of game being from GOG. So when I launch the game through shortreduced on my desktop computer - I obtain the error.When I launch the game through GOG, it works fine.

So it seems to be gog associated bug?

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Created Aug 14, 2017


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