The office open xml file cannot be opened

I have had actually Office for Mac 2011 on my MacPublication Pro for some time now. However before, as soon as I tried to open up any type of of the many kind of formerly conserved Word papers on my Mac this particular day they would not open. Instead, I am receiving the following error message:
"The open up XML file ........docx cannot be opened bereason tright here are difficulties with the contents or the file name can contain invalid characters (for example , /)"
I have actually tried looking digital for a solution to the difficulty but none have actually functioned. What can I carry out to obtain my Mac Word working again? It is exceptionally frustrating as I require it for work-related.

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1. Make a copy of the file in question and also put it on your desktop.

2. Log into Google Docs (if you don"t have an account, you need to create one and also trust me you will be glad you did).

3. In google docs begin a brand-new file (do not know why this functions, however it does)...

4. Go to the file menu and choose "Open". Along the height are a number of alternatives (my drive, shared via me, Starred, recent or upload).

5. Select "Upload" to Open your file in Google Docs... Violå... it opens up formatting and also all!!!!

6. Save it as a google doc (so you have actually a backup). Depfinishing on your device you might have to select Make a copy....

7. Once you have actually a Google doc saved as a google doc....Gso to the file menu and select DOWNLOADVERTISEMENT AS " Word (docx)... It will certainly ask you what application on YOUR Mac to open it via, choose Word...

Hope this helps.


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John McGhie
Replied on July 11, 2014
In reply to Thinoronha's article on July 10, 2014


This error message outcomes from one of TWO conditions:

1) There are illegal character(s) somewright here in the HDD name or the route or file name of the file.

2) Tbelow is corruption within the XML code in the document.

The various other men have spoken around the initially condition. The second condition is the one you hope you execute not have actually, because it normally indicates the file is lost.

Any references to "Location 2" suggests "The code of the document".

When Word attempts to open a record, it initially checks to encertain it deserve to review every one of it. It demands to do this, because some of the most vital indevelopment in a Word record is stored at the much finish of the file. If Word can not check out the last few bytes of the file, it can"t open up the record.

When Word initially starts trying to review the file, all the code is in one very lengthy line (millions of bytes lengthy, sometimes) on "line 2". Until Word deserve to read the file, it can"t tell wbelow the lines of message are, they are ALL in "line 2". So if an error is reported in "Location 2" or "Line 2", that is Word saying "Sorry, I can"t review this".

Here are some things you deserve to try:

1) Open in COMPUTER Word: If you have access to PC Word, this is the ideal strategy. Often, this error is led to by PC Word composing content into the file that Mac Word can"t check out, periodically bereason the copy of COMPUTER Word has actually not had the upday that solved this condition. Open the file in COMPUTER Word, then Save As to a brand-new file to clean out the file.

2) Open in TextEdit: TextEdit have the right to occasionally check out basic Word papers. If it can, TextEdit will ignore the error and you might get the text earlier.

3) Open in Preview: Preview will certainly frequently offer you a read-only copy of the document.

4) Open in Pages: Pperiods can occasionally review what Word can not (and also vice-versa).

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If you deserve to read XML and you understand just how to operate the command-line Zip application in Mac OS X, come back and also we have the right to describe exactly how to uncover the error and resolve it by hand (note: it"s many work, yet if you can"t check out XML, it"s not possible).

Hope this helps

John McGhie, MVP (Mac Word), Consultant Technical Writer.