The namespace cannot be queried the rpc server is unavailable

I try to produce a domain-based namearea but once I hit "next" on the "select form wizard page" I gain the message:

The namespace cannot be queried. The RCOMPUTER server is unavailable.

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I discovered one short article regarding this problem, and also indeed the DNS resolution of the DomainDNSName was flawed. But although I addressed this DNS concern, I still obtain this message.

A stand-alone nameroom deserve to be developed.

Any ideas exactly how to deal with this problem?Is it feasible that this is pertained to the truth that I"m utilizing a single-lable domain name?

windows-server-2008-r2 dfs
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asked Jan 4 "11 at 20:19

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This difficulty could be as a result of many kind of problems including:

netjob-related filteringDNS misconfigurationAD sites misconfigurationLDAP corruptionclock-skew

Unfortunately, tright here are many many feasible concerns that might cause this difficulty. Try out some of microsoft"s troubleshooting devices such as repadmin to make sure your ADVERTISEMENT topology is sound before implementing advanced attributes choose DFS.

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answered Feb 26 "11 at 22:45

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I had actually this problem wbelow the DFS server lost link to the DC. I found the DFS Namearea business (DFS) wasn"t running, and refounding the organization resolved the worry.

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answered Feb 20 "16 at 15:17

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