The language or edition of the version of windows is not supported

If you"re having troubles upgrading to the latest variation of Windows 10 using the Media Creation Device, this overview outlines 2 ways to get about this issue.

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Windows 10 language or edition trouble making use of Media Creation Tool

When trying to upgrade to a brand-new version of Windows 10, or you’re jumping from a previous variation (Windows 8.1 or Windows 7), making use of the Media Creation Tool, you might come throughout “The language or edition of the version of Windows currently mounted on your COMPUTER isn’t sustained by this tool” error message.

If you gain this error message, and also you’re sure that your tool meets the hardware and also software application demands, you deserve to try to upgrade downloading the Windows 10 ISO file, or you deserve to produce a USB bootable media using the Media Creation Device on an additional computer system that you deserve to use to perform an in-location upgrade.

In this overview, you’ll learn the measures to prevent language or edition errors when trying to upgrade to the latest variation of Windows 10.

How to upgrade Windows 10 utilizing USB flash drive

If you’re acquiring “The language or edition of the variation of Windows presently mounted on your COMPUTER isn’t sustained by this tool” message, usage an additional computer to create a USB bootable media making use of these steps:

Double-click the MediaCrationToolxxxx.exe file to launch the tool.

Click the Accept switch.

Select the Create installation media (USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file) for an additional PC option.

Media Creation Device produce installation media optionMedia Creation Tool develop installation media optionClick the Next button.

Select the correct language, edition, and design if various from the default selection.

Media Creation Device Windows 10 settingsMedia Creation Device Windows 10 settingsSelect the USB flash drive alternative.

Media Creation Device USB flash drive optionMedia Creation Tool USB flash drive optionClick the Next switch.

Select the USB flash drive from the list, but make sure that it doesn’t have actually any kind of essential records as this procedure will certainly erase everything on it.

Click the Next switch.

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Click the Finish button.

Once you’ve completed the steps, attach the USB flash drive to the device that you desire to upgrade, and go via the installation procedure another time.

How to upgrade Windows 10 utilizing an ISO file

If the Media Creation Device is the problem, or you don’t have actually a 2nd COMPUTER, then you can downpack the Windows 10 ISO file straight from the Microsoft servers, and also then usage it to perdevelop the installation through these steps:

Right-click the ISO file, pick Open with, and also choose the Windows Explorer choice.

Mount ISO file on Windows 10Mount ISO file on Windows 10
Rapid Tip: If you don’t have actually a third-party app to control file compression, such as 7Zip, you can simply double-click the ISO file.

On the left pane of Data Explorer, click on the mounted drive.

Double-click the Setup file to start the Windows 10 installation.

Windows 10 install filesWindows 10 install filesOn “Get important updays,” choose the Not appropriate now choice.

Get updates prior to installing Windows 10Get updays prior to installing Windows 10Click Next.

Click the Accept switch.

Click the Install button if you’re upgrading to a brand-new variation and you want to keep your documents and apps.

Install Windows 10 using ISO fileInstall Windows 10 making use of ISO file
Fast Tip: If you’re looking to start fresh through a clean installation of Windows 10 via the latest attribute upday, click the Change what to save link, pick the Nopoint choice, click the Next off button, and also then click the Install button.

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After completing the procedures, you need to have the ability to upgrade your device without stumbling upon “The language or edition of the version of Windows currently set up on your COMPUTER isn’t sustained by this tool” message.