The handle is invalid network share

PC A provided to have the ability to attach to PC B"s netjob-related shares.Now it can not. Winf firewall on PC B is off for troubleshooting.

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From PC A, double-clicking PC B name in Explorer"s network view prompts a login dialog box.

Login uses PC Busername on PC B, through correct password.

Error message is:

PC B is not accessible. take care of is invalid.Event viewer on PC B eventvwr winlogsdefense shows the event ids:

4672 unique logonand immediately after it

4634 logoff logon type 3 (network)So it shows up PC A is utilizing a valid user account and password to login to PC B, the login is embraced, however then the login is automatically logged off.

Using elevated cmd prompt on PC A, net check out \PC B returns

System Error 5 has actually emerged. Access is deniedThe just thing I have the right to think of that might have actually motivated this is that PC A was recalled utilizing "Computer Properties" and also restarted. The access trouble began after this procedure.

Any tips on just how to better troubleshoot this issue?

windows-7 home windows netfunctioning authentication
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Steve WasiuraSteve Wasiura
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Doug and also Manuel are best on! I was having actually the exact same issue, plus remote desktop wasn"t functioning. The deal with was And yes, my account was administrator on the machines that were failing.

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answered Jan 22 "19 at 6:46

Dave StrandbergDave Strandberg
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I had the precise exact same difficulty as the OP. This problem was brand-new and also out of the blue, after having installed current Windows upday updays.

If you follow as stated in
Dave Strandberg"s answer, you"ll get to a web page that describes the trouble. It says:

This upday resolves the problem wbelow regional customers that are component of the neighborhood “Administrators“ team might not have the ability to remotely access shares on Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 makers after installing the January 8th, 2019 defense updays. This does not affect domajor accounts in the neighborhood "Administrators" team.

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To acquire the stand-alone package for this upday, go to the Microsoft Upday Catalog webwebsite.

It supplies a link to

I wasn"t keen to uninstall updates, so I applied this update and it fixed the problem. The upday calls for a reboot (at least it did on my machines). Keep in mind that you want to apply it to the machine that hosts the share, not the machine trying to access it.

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had a very same issue through win 7. After uninstalling KB 4480970 trouble disshowed up.If you can"t uninstall KB 4480970 you deserve to gain remote desktop running by altering My Computer-->properties-->remote settings--> Remote desktop--> Allow relationships from computer systems running any version of remote desktop computer.I have not managed to deal with shares issue without KB uninstall.

Two days later on KB 4480970 gained mounted aacquire. You need to disable it permanently.

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answered Jan 26 "19 at 13:33

Wojciech SulekWojciech Sulek
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