The file normal dotm cannot be opened

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Office Word 2007 or 2010 shows the following error messages:"Word cannot open up the existing file.(Normal)""The file Typical.dotm cannot be opened bereason tbelow are troubles through the contents."The worry occurs just as soon as beginning Word as a published application and also as soon as the User Profile Manager (UPM) is permitted on the server.The concern does not happen on a published desktop and once the UPM is disabled.

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Rerelocate the exclusion of the desktop computer folder.

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Contact Microsoft for a workapproximately on the dependency of Office Word and the Desktop folder.

The problem occurs when you configure UPM to exclude the Desktop folder. To accessibility the Exclusion list – directories in your Active Directory (AD) plan, follow the given path:

Go to Active Directory group policies.

Select from Administrative Templates easily accessible in Computer Configuration.

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Select Profile Management.

Select Documents System to access Exclusion list - Directories.

When the user logs on to the server, the profile is developed through the information stored on the UPM share. Due to the fact that the Deskpeak folder is excluded, the user profile is built without it. Word 2007 or 2010 calls for this folder to work properly.

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The worry deserve to be redeveloped utilizing local prorecords with no UPM, if you manually delete the desktop folder from the user profile and then begin the publiburned Word.

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