The extended attributes are inconsistent fix

You are trying to open up the Registry Editor and also you watch “The Extended Attributes Are Inconsistent” error in your Windows 10 PC. that’s common once there’s something wrong with the Regisattempt. The error deserve to also pop up because of a faulty RAM, installations of outdated software program or programs, more than forced startup papers, as a result of corrupt documents, etc.

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The error deserve to also present up once you are trying to launch a specific third party application, Windows application, , or any program that requires governmental rights. This deserve to be scary and the just solution you can think of at this minute is re-installing Windows, which can result in loss of information and many of the settings.

Fortunately, there are rather few methods to solve the “The Extfinished Attributes Are Inconsistent” error in your Windows 10 and continue making use of your device as usual. Let’s check out exactly how.

Method 1: By Changing the Group Membership

Tip 1: Go to the Start button on your mechanism and right-click on it. Now, select the Run option from right-click food selection to open up the Run command.


Tip 2: In the Run command, search for netplwiz and also press OK.


Step 3: In the User Accounts dialogue box, under the Users tab, go to Users for this computer area. Here, pick the Administrator account and click the Properties switch listed below.


Tip 4: In the Administrator Properties window, go to the Group Membership tab. Now, click on the radio button beside Other and set the area to Administrators.

Click on Apply and then OK to conserve the transforms. and departure.


Now, authorize out from your system and also sign in back again. Try to run the application, program or the regisattempt editor again and it have to work-related fine, without any errors.

If difficulty persists, attempt he second method.

Method 2: By Running SFC /Scannow

Step 1: Press Win + R on your keyboard to open up the Run command. Now, write cmd in the search area and also press Enter to open up Command Prompt.


Step 2: In the Command also Prompt home window, execute the listed below command:

sfc /scannow


The System Documents Checker (SFC) sdeserve to takes a little bit longer to complete checking, so wait for some time.

*Note – SFC sdeserve to process is run to repair any corrupt documents in Windows and once it completes detecting the problems and also repairing, it relocations the corrupt files through all brand-new clean copies. However, the just downside is, that replacing the corrupt file implies, you might lose some saved data.

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Once completed, reboot your device and attempt running the application or regimen, and it should open smoothly. If you are still encountering the difficulty, you can attempt the 3rd strategy.

Method 3: By Running the DISM Repair Command

You can run the DISM repair command also in the command prompt, when the SFC /scannow falls short to solve the error. The DISM repair helps fix any type of of the corrupted picture files utilizing Windows Update that swaps any corrupted records detected.

Step 1: Go to the Start icon on your desktop and in the search field, kind Command also Prompt. Right-click Command also Prompt (result) and choose Run as administrator.


Tip 2: In the Command also Prompt home window that opens up, run the below command also and also hit Enter:

Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth


It takes some time, so wait for it to finish the scan and also repair procedure. Once completed, rebegin your COMPUTER and also you will certainly no even more check out the Extended Attributes Are Inconsistent error as soon as you attempt to open up the said regimen.

If you are still seeing the error, attempt the fourth method.

Method 4: By Turning Off the User Account Sound

Many type of times, the Extended Attributes Are Inconsistent error can be due to the clash of 2 3rd party audio codecs that typically come along with cost-free software application that are offered by Windows individuals quite frequently. These 2 third party codecs – msacm.avis and also msacm.lameacm have the potential to damages the User Account Control prompt that will certainly make you unable to open programs that require administrative rights. Let’s see just how to deal with this.

Tip 1: Press the Windows vital + R together on your keyboard to open the Run command. In the search box, type mmsys.cpl and push the OK button.


Tip 2: In the Sound dialogue box, pick the Sounds tab and also under the Program Events area, discover and select Windows User Account Control.

Then, go to the Sounds area and collection the field to None.

Press Apply and then OK to conserve the transforms and departure.


Tip 3: Now, you have to not view the error anymore while opening any program on your device, however if you still execute, you can go earlier to the Sound home window, and under the Sounds tab, set the Sound Scheme area to No Sounds.

Press Apply and then OK to save the changes and also leave.

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That’s around it. This need to assist settle your Extfinished Attributes Are Inconsistent error in Windows 10 and also you can now accessibility your programs as usual.