The directory or file cannot be created

Some users are encountering the 0x80070052 (The directory or file cannot be created) once attempting to copy documents to a removable media choose a flash drive or exterior HDD. In a lot of instances, the issue is reported to happen with photos, videos (particularly those through a name over 20 characters).

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0x80070052 – The catalog or file cannot be developed error message

If you’re using an older Documents System for your removable drive (prefer FAT16) the root folder have the right to just support a minimal variety of papers on the root folder. In this situation, you have the right to stop the error completely by pasting the files in a subfolder. But if you’re using an older system file format, you could think about formatting your drive and relocating in the direction of a more recent iteration to protect against problems of this sort.

If you’re encountering the issue while attempting to copy encrypted papers, it’s most most likely because the encryption crucial cannot be move alongside the file. To solve this, encertain that the Credential Manager and/or the 3rd party energy you used to encrypt the files are running at the moment as soon as you attempt to copy the file/s.

However, in some instances, the 0x80070052 error have the right to also be resulted in by some kind of system file corruption. To resolve it, simply run the Error-checking tool and also reattach the media when the process is complete.

Method 1: Copying the records in a subfolder

If you obtain this error while trying to copy the papers on the root folder, you could be able to prevent the problem completely by copying the records in a different area (from the root folder).

Keep in mind that regardless on the file system that you are using (FAT16, FAT32, NTFS), each and eextremely among them has actually a limitation concerning how many records have the right to the root folder has. For example, if you’re utilizing FAT16, the root folder can’t contain even more than 128 files.

A lot of customers that we’re struggling to deal with the 0x80070052 error have shown that the problem no much longer occurred when they attempted to produce a folder on the removable drive (instead of pasting the file straight onto the root folder).

If you think this scenario could be applicable to your existing case, simply open your removable drive, right-click on an empty room and select New > Folder. Next, name the freshly produced folder however you desire, then paste the records that you desire to copy straight into it (not the root folder)

Creating a folder to copy the documents away from the root folder

See if you’re still encountering the very same 0x80070052 (The catalog or file cannot be created) also once copying the papers amethod from the root folder.

In instance the same problem is persisting, relocate dvery own to the next potential solve listed below.

Method 2: Formatting the drive to FAT32

In a lot of situations, the 0x80070052 (The directory or file cannot be created) error will take place if the file mechanism you’re trying to copy records to is formatted to an older file system that can’t handle records of this magnitude – FAT16 is the a lot of prevalent file system format that is reported to reason this issue.

If you’re not sure what Data mechanism you’re utilizing for your external HDD or flash drive, you have the right to uncover out by right-clicking your drive letter in Data Explorer and also choose Properties from the context food selection. Inside the Properties display, pick the General tab and examine the File system (under Type).

Disextending the Documents System offered for the removable drive

If you uncovered that the file system is of an older format (different fro FAT32), there’s a high chance that you will certainly be able to deal with the concern by formatting the drive to a modern-day file device like FAT32. Follow the instructions listed below for instructions on just how to carry out this:

Open Data Explorer and also identify the removable media that is triggering the 0x80070052 once you attempt to copy papers on it. Once you see it, right-click on it and choose Format from the newly appeared conmessage food selection.
Formatting the removable drive

Note: If you have essential records stored on that drive, earlier them up before initiating a formatting procedure – This operation (even if you go for a Quick Format) will certainly rerelocate any data from the drive).Inside the Format display screen, encertain that the drop-down food selection linked through File System is collection to FAT32. Next, set the Alarea unit dimension to 4096 bytes.

Configuring the formatting utilityNote: If you had various other corruption-associated worries with this removable drive, you can should think about unchecking the box linked through Rapid Format. But keep in mind that unmuch less you go for a Quick Format, the procedure could finish up taking several hours.Hit Start to launch the operation and also wait for the process to finish.After the procedure is finiburned, attempt to copy the same papers that were formerly triggering the 0x80070052 error aacquire and also view if the issue is currently refixed.In instance the very same problem is still emerging or this scenario wasn’t applicable, relocate dvery own to the following potential resolve below.

Method 3: Copying encrypted files

If you’re encountering this issue while attempted to move encrypted documents, you will must take additional preadvises in order to encertain that the encryption key is likewise transferred.

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In instance you supplied the integrated encryption approach, all you need to do is ensure that the company associated with the Credential Manager is collection to Automatic and running at the time when the file copying is ensuing.

However, if you encrypted the documents externally (via a business like McAfee encryption or a different third party utility), you’ll have to ensure that the regimen is running as soon as you are copying the encrypted files.

Here’s a generic step-by-action guide that will certainly allow you to copy encrypted files on a flash drive without encountering 0x80070052 (The catalog or file cannot be created):

Encertain that the third party regime you provided to encrypt the papers is running.
Enabling Encryption

Note: Ignore this action if you’ve only provided the integrated Windows encryption.Press Windows vital + R to open up up a Run dialog box. When you watch the Run box, type ‘organization.msc’ inside the text box and press Enter to open up the Services display.

Opening services by inputting “solutions.msc” in the RUN command.Once you’re inside the Service screen, relocate over to the right-hand also section and also scroll dvery own with the list of in your area installed solutions till you discover the Credential Manager.After you control to situate it, right-click on it and pick Properties from the newly showed up context food selection.
Accessing the Properties display of Credential ManagerInside the Properties display screen of Credential Manager, choose the General tab and encertain that the Startup type is collection to Automatic. Then, click on the Start button to ensure that the service is presently running and also click Apply to save the alters.
Configuring the Credential ManagerCopy the encrypted documents that were formerly triggering the 0x80070052 (The magazine or file cannot be created).In instance the very same worry is still persisting, move down to the next potential deal with listed below.

Method 4: Repairing the drive for corruption

As it transforms out, this certain concern deserve to additionally occur because of some type of corruption that is forcing the removable storage device to throw this error. In many situations that we looked at, the issue has actually started arising after an unmeant machine interruption.

The trouble is fairly widespread via SD cards that are being offered on camperiods (they work totally fine there) yet throw this error while the user tries to copy the papers from the SD card on their computer HDD / SSD.

If this scenario is applicable, be advised that some impacted customers have actually regulated to resolve the issue by triggering a drive repair from the Properties food selection.

Here is a quick guide on scanning & repairing the drive from any corruption that can finish up causing the 0x80070052 error:

Open Documents Explorer, right-click on the removable drive that you’re encountering problems via and also select Properties from the conmessage menu.
Repairing the driveInside the Properties display screen, select Tools from the horizontal tab at the optimal. Then, click the Check button under Error-checking.
When you’re motivated by the UAC (User Account Control), click Yes to approve governmental access.Once you get at the following display screen, click Sdeserve to and repair drive and also wait for the procedure to finish.

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Scanning and also Repairing removable driveAfter the procedure is finish, rerelocate & reinsert the removable drive, then check out if the issue is refixed once you attempt to copy the files aget.