The device is not configured correctly code 1

The Code 1 error message tells you that the gadget in question doesn’t have motorists mounted on the computer, or the motorists are incorrectly configured. You will obtain a popup message saying that The gadget is not configured properly. Chances are whichever before device this worry is related to, it will certainly not job-related until you settle the problem and also make certain all chauffeurs are working effectively.

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This problem has actually taken place via a number of devices, from flash drives to sound gadgets, and also will certainly render your gadget usemuch less. It happens in all versions of Windows, and also doesn’t exclude anyone. It might lead you to think that you have actually faulty hardware, yet if you try the very same gadget on an additional computer system through proper motorists mounted, you will view that it is nopoint more than a software application concern.

For individuals that are influenced by this concern, tbelow are a couple of things that you have the right to try, and every one of them have been tested and also proved to occupational for various instances. Read via them, and attempt the one that you think use finest to your particular situation.

Method 1: Upday the tool drivers

This technique tells you just how to upday the vehicle drivers for the problematic gadget. It downtons and installs the latest driver and after a quick reboot, your device will be working aget.

Open Device Manager by pressing the Windows vital on your key-board and also typing Device Manager, then opening the result.Within the Device Manager expand the menus till you discover the device that is malfunctioning. You will certainly conveniently identify it by the yellow exclamation note before its name. Select it, and also from the food selection bar at the optimal, click the Action menu, and select Upday Driver Software… .


Follow the wizard to automatically discover vehicle drivers for your gadget, and also let it install them. Reboot your gadget at the finish, and also everything have to be functioning properly.

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If you acquire this code and you have actually no sound, chances are you’re having trouble through the sound driver, which is solved in a various method. Expand Sound, video and also game controllers and also select the IDT High Definition Audio CODEC. From the Action tab, select Update Driver Software… .Click on Browse my computer for driver software, complied with by Let me pick from a list of tool motorists on my computer system. From the list, select the High Definition Audio Device driver and also click Next. If a warning message shows up, click Yes. Wait for the wizard to complete and also reboot your tool.

Method 2: Delete the UpperFilters and LowerFilters for USB in the registry

Please note that this technique calls for you to be exceptionally cautious. Messing up your regisattempt may lead to potential significant errors, which subsequently might need you to entirely reinstall your operating system. Follow the instructions exactly as they’re discussed, and don’t do anypoint you’re not sure of.

Open the Run dialogue box by pressing simultaneously Windows and R on your key-board. Type regmodify in the box and also click OK. This will certainly open the Registry Editor. Backup the regisattempt by opening Documents from the menu bar, and clicking Export. Make certain the Export Range is collection to All, and conserve the backup file somewbelow you will remember, in instance something goes wrong.Navigate to the complying with location by utilizing the navigation pane on the left side:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> System -> CurrentControlSet -> Control -> ClassOnce you’ve broadened all the abovementioned folders, click the 36FC9E60-C465-11CF-8056-444553540000 essential to select it.From the best hand also home window pane, select and delete both the UpperFilters key, and also the LowerFilters key. You will must confirm both by pressing OK.Close the Registry Editor and reboot your system for the transforms to take result.


If you’re having actually this error, even though you may think that it is hardware-associated, you deserve to watch that it is sensibly straightforward to fix and calls for bit to none technological knowledge. All you must execute is follow the aforementioned instructions and you will certainly have actually your gadget working aobtain.

By Kevin Arrows March 19, 2018
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How to Fix This Device Is Not Configured Correctly (Code 1)

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