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This Deskpeak Currently Has No Deskoptimal Sources Available. Please Try Connecting to This Deskheight Aacquire Later, or Contact Your System Administrator

Hi Friends,Got a frustrating one for you. I"ve been running some Login VSI performance tests on Horizon View 6.x and I"ve been gaining an error, yet not on every one of the desktops... Inconstant errors suck bereason something is functioning yet other points aren"t and also it"s like searching for a needle in a haystack.As the desktops are launching and also customers are logging in on SOME, not all of the desktops I obtain this error:"This desktop computer currently has no desktop computer resources easily accessible. Please attempt connecting to this desktop computer again later on, or call your device administrator."Contact my mechanism administrator?!?! I **AM** the mechanism administrator!


Okay, don"t panic, what would Dr. Brain perform in a situation like this? I understand, ask my good buddy Google!I uncovered a conversation on the VMware Communities board that showed other administrators gaining the same message, yet their errors seemed to be an all or nopoint... Hmmmmmm.....

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Well, store reading Dr. Brain... Some ADVERTISEMENT troubles, some DNS problems... Yep, yep, renders feeling, however I"ve acquired choose a bazillion Login VSI individuals to usage and also it"s just on SOME of the desktops.One perboy responded to the conversation that they unregistered the users from the desktops and it functioned. Hmmm, worth offering that a try.So I unregistered the users and then clicked on the Try Aobtain thingy and it worked!

So what was the problem? I"m guessing because I"m including, deleting, including deleting (you get the idea) desktops prefer crazy, I think View thinks those customers are tied to other desktops and also say, "You Shall Not Pass!" Or somepoint choose that...
So if you"re running into this error, and your AD and DNS are looking great, probably you"ve gained some weirdness going on through your customers and also the desktop computer that was assigned to them.Until Next off Time-Brain

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