The configuration data for this product is corrupt

*»General Support»Setup Problems»"The configuration information for this product is corrupt." after uninstall
Hello!I am acquiring following error:"The configuration data for this product is corrupt. Contact your assistance personnel."during installation. My actions (brief list):1)Install classiccomputers.info2)Uninstall classiccomputers.infoI usage Win 2008R2 + VS 2012 Ultimate + VS 2013 Ultimate.I checked the regisattempt keys and also tried to diund folders - no remco values were found.Please, assist.

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Hi, many thanks for sharing this issue.The VS package doesn"t keep data directly in the registry. VS will certainly, but, develop some entries as soon as it registers the package. Probably this is being caused by corrupt records in the install route.Where carry out you receive this error? Is it when you run the MSI? Or is it on launch of Visual Studio?If you haven"t already, I recommend trying the remove and also reinstall resolve -
I obtained this error immediately after running "classiccomputers.info_VS2013_2.7.0.5.msi". I tried reccommeded remave and reinstall resolve - still ho success. And msi install package of previous variation still present popup via message:"A later on variation of has been detected and this installer is unable to immediately remove it"Is tbelow any kind of various other means to settle this issue excluding reinstall VS (or also Windows?)Previously I had actually VS 2012 through - and then remove it - might be this indevelopment will certainly be helpcomplete.
Did you have actually any luck with manually rerelocating the install papers from Visual Studio?If the MSI stops working, you have the right to additionally try a hands-on installation. Sadly, even the most basic MSI isn"t 100% trusted in all cases, so occasionally this is important. itself is greatly simply an xcopy install - the just real trick is remembering to run devenv.exe /setup so that VS deserve to detect and also load the package.
Yeaaaah! It helps!(additionally i removed manually some registry tricks, consisted of in .pckdef, however think it was unneccessary!)Great many thanks for you and also your product!»General Support»Setup Problems»"The configuration data for this product is corrupt." after uninstall Jump General Support - Setup Problems - Build/Test Issues - Daily Usage IssuesCrunch Discussion - General Feedback - Feature Suggestions (Locked)General Discussion - General Discussion
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