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It is widespread for you to come throughout the Blue Screen of Death when booting the computer. You may encounter the error 0x00000133. This write-up from MiniDevice mirrors exactly how to settle the bugcheck 0x00000133 error.

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What Is the Error 0x00000133?

When booting the computer system, it is prevalent for you to come across the Blue Display of Death error 0x00000133. The error code 0x00000133 may also be well-known as the DPS_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION.

In general, this 0x00000133 blue screen error is brought about by hardware troubles and also driver worries. So, in the adhering to area, we will certainly show you just how to solve the bugexamine 0x00000133 error.

5 Solutions to Blue Screen of Death Error 0x00000133

In this part, we will certainly display you just how to solve the error 0x00000133. To solve this blue display screen of death error, you deserve to try restarting the computer system. Typically, rebeginning is able to enter system normally. If restarting is additionally not successful, you have the right to boot your computer right into Safe Setting and also attempt the complying with services.

Way 1. Change SATA AHCI Controller Driver

To fix the error that the buginspect was: 0x00000133, you can pick to change SATA AHCI Controller Driver.

Now, right here is the tutorial.

1. Press Windows vital and R key together to open up Run dialog.

2. Then kind msc in package and also click OK to continue.

3. In the Device Manager window, expand also the IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers and choose SATA AHCI Controller.

4. Right-click it and select Update Driver to proceed.


5. Then choose Search immediately for updated driver software.


After that, you have the right to follow the on-display screen prompt to end up the entirety procedure. When it is finished, reboot your computer system and inspect whether the error 0x00000133 is addressed.

Way 2. Roll Back Your Driver

When you satisfy the Blue Screen of Death error 0x00000133, you have to check your vehicle drivers and also whether they have already updated to the latest version. If it is, you need to make sure they are compatible via your system. If the latest variation of gadget driver does not work correctly on your system, you may encounter the error buginspect 0x00000133. So, in order to deal with this problem, you deserve to try to roll back your driver.

Now, here is the tutorial.

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Open the Device Manager as the means detailed over.In the pop-up home window, click Display adapters.Right-click it and also choose Properties.In the pop-up window, switch to the Driver tab.Then select Roll Back Driver to proceed.


When the entirety process is finiburned, reboot your computer and examine whether the error code 0x00000133 is addressed.

Way 3. Repair System Files

If tbelow are corrupt system documents on your computer, you may also come across the error 0x00000133. In this case, you have the right to examine and also repair the corrupt system papers.

Now, below is the tutorial.

In the Command Line window, form the command also sfc /scannow and hit Enter to continue.Please execute not close the command also line home window until you see the message verification 100% complete.


When the process is finimelted, reboot your computer and inspect whether the error 0x00000133 is fixed.

Way 4. Repair Hard Drive

The error 0x00000133 may additionally be led to by the difficult drive corruption. So, in order to settle this blue display of fatality error, you have the right to attempt to repair difficult drive.

Now, below is the tutorial.

Open Command also Prompt as administrator.In the pop-up window, kind the command chkdsk x: /f and hit Enter to continue. (X means the drive that you desire to sdeserve to and also repair)Then type Y to continue.


When it is finimelted, reboot your computer system and check whether the error 0x00000103 is solved.

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Way 4. Run System Restore

Tright here is an optional method for you to resolve the error 0x00000133. If you have actually developed a device restore allude prior to, you have the right to select to run mechanism reclaim and reclaim your computer system to a normal state. If you carry out not have actually a regain point, you need to try various other remedies.

Final Words

In conclusion, this write-up presented what the error buginspect 0x00000133 is and also 5 services to settle it. If you come across the very same error, attempt these options. If you have any much better principle to fix it, you have the right to share it in the comment zone.



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